Below you will find a collection of CIA related UFO records. The Black Vault’s connection to the CIA in getting some of these UFO documents released goes back to 1996.

Originally, the CIA would only release about 1,000 pages that had been previously disclosed after a FOIA court case in the 1980s. They never addressed the records that were dated in the years after the case.

Photo of the CD-ROM, as received from the CIA by The Black Vault.

The Black Vault spent years fighting for them, and many were released in the late 1990s. However, over time, the CIA made a CD-ROM collection of UFO documents, which encompassed the original records, along with the ones that took years to fight for.

In an effort to make sure The Black Vault stayed up to date, in mid 2020, this CD-ROM was purchased to have one particular data dump available for all users of The Black Vault. You will find this below for download in its original state, along with a converted/searchable .pdf format. (Although the CIA claims this is their “entire” collection, there may be no way to entirely verify that. Research by The Black Vault will continue to see if there are additional documents still uncovered within the CIA’s holdings.)

(Please note: Some media channels are reporting I filed 10,000 FOIA requests to get these documents. That is untrue. Over the years there were quite a few, but the reference is The Black Vault has filed 10,000 FOIA requests TOTAL to amass the 2.2 MILLION pages in this entire archive. Not just for the below documents. I’ve submitted corrections to Vice et al for that, but have heard no response yet.)

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Entire CIA UFO Collection CD-ROM (2,780 Pages) (FOIA Case F-2020-02272)

The links below offer two downloads. The contents of the original CD-ROM, as received, which is the multi-page .tif files (not searchable) with corresponding text files which are largely useless.

The second link is the converted records, wherein The Black Vault converted each .tif file to .pdf, and made it searchable. This is, by far, the more popular way of downloading and searching, but both are available for download.

blank Original CIA UFO Collection CD-ROM Contents [149MB] – This is the entire collection, zipped up, with zero processing. This is in its original form.

blank CIA UFO Collection CD-ROM Contents – Searchable .pdf Conversions – [342MB] – This .zip file contains all of the above files, however, they have been converted to searchable .pdf documents. Keep in mind, searchable .pdfs are NOT perfect. Many of these documents are poorly photocopied, so the computer can only “see” so much to convert for searching. However, through various tests, the search capability is MUCH better than the above CD contents with only .txt outputs.

(scroll down for individual file downloads)

Individual File Downloads (Searchable .pdfs)

Descriptions below are a work in progress. All documents are available, but all descriptions are not yet filled in.

blank C05515622.pdf 477K Two page memo from the CIA’s Domestic Collection Division regarding “UFO Research” – April 26, 1976
blank C05515624.pdf 396K One page document regarding “UFO Research/ORD Request for Additional Information.” The record talks about the work of an unknown individual, along with a system that may assist in the UFO research. The system is redacted. – June 25, 1976
blank C05515625.pdf 385K A one page, “Confidential” message to the HQ of the CIA’s Domestic Collection Division. It is regarding a UFO case, and UFO research, citing material that “should remain classified” but the person wanted the advice of “CIA UFO Experts.”
blank C05515646.pdf 551K A September 1976 record, heavily redacted, which talked about a UFO sighted in Morocco.
blank C05515647.pdf 390K A one page message regarding an unknown case number, seeking progress made. The message refers to the people at Wright Field (present day Wright Patterson Air Force Base) “holding their breaths awaiting advise.” – May 1957
blank C05515648.pdf 425K A one page message, wherein it references Dr. Leon Davidson, and his request seeking an updated on a “tape” being analyzed by Wright Field, likely Project Blue Book. Date unknown.
blank C05515649.pdf 382K A one page message updating on the Leon Davidson situation, and the fact Davidson was sent a letter response. – 1957.
blank C05515650.pdf 420K A 1957 document referencing Dr. Leon Davidson, and his request for an identification of a “Space Message.” The message appears they are frustrated that Davidson will not take the answer that the message was morse code.
blank C05515651.pdf 417K A 1957 document, also referring to Dr. Leon Davidson’s “space message.” Davidson continued to show frustration about the lack of answers he was receiving.
blank C05515652.pdf 416K A 1958 message concerning Leon Davidson, and the articles he was publishing about “flying saucers” and the CIA.
blank C05515653.pdf 394K A 1967 message regarding the film “UFO Fact or Fancy” – likely because the CIA was contacted for the production.
blank C05515654.pdf 413K A 1957 message regarding Dr. Leon Davidson, and his push for answers.
blank C05515655.pdf 397K 1957 message concerning Dr. Leon Davidson, and the fact he would get a reply to his inquiries.
blank C05515656.pdf 404K December 1957 letter outline Dr. Leon Davidson’s persistence, and the recommendation he is now ignored.
blank C05515657.pdf 406K A 1958 document that displays the frustration about Dr. Leon Davidson, and the fact that the agency wants to no longer be involved with the matter.
blank C05515658.pdf 414K A 13 August 1957 intelligence report about Unidentified Flying Objects over Iran.
blank C05515659.pdf 452K A 22 October 1959 intelligence report about “Possible Unidentified Flying Object” in the Ukraine.
blank C05515660.pdf 402K A 9 March 1960 intelligence information report about “Rumored Unidentified Flying Objects in the Sary Ozek Region.”
blank C05515661.pdf 427K A 25 May 1962 document, which chronicles Unidentified Flying Objects in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is utilizing information, as published by the local newspapers at the time of the event.
blank C05515662.pdf 423K A July 1965 document, outlining “Antarctic Flying Saucers” over Deception Island. This intelligence was gathered from the media.
blank C05515663.pdf 468K A 23 September 1977 document, which outlines “Unusual Natural Phenomenon observed in Karelia.” For 10-12 minutes, an object described as a star, went over the city and shined down bright light and “very fine rays” which created an image of pouring rain.
blank C05515664.pdf 502K
blank C05515665.pdf 425K
blank C05515686.pdf 743K
blank C05515687.pdf 520K
blank C05515688.pdf 628K
blank C05515689.pdf 544K
blank C05515691.pdf 434K
blank C05515692.pdf 517K
blank C05515694.pdf 417K
blank C05515695.pdf 432K
blank C05515698.pdf 493K
blank C05515699.pdf 525K
blank C05515701.pdf 526K
blank C05515702.pdf 422K
blank C05515703.pdf 407K
blank C05515704.pdf 384K
blank C05515705.pdf 512K
blank C05515706.pdf 402K
blank C05515707.pdf 437K
blank C05515708.pdf 434K
blank C05515709.pdf 602K
blank C05515711.pdf 451K
blank C05515712.pdf 427K
blank C05515713.pdf 430K
blank C05515714.pdf 654K
blank C05515715.pdf 436K
blank C05515716.pdf 476K
blank C05515718.pdf 433K
blank C05515719.pdf 548K
blank C05515720.pdf 423K
blank C05515721.pdf 399K
blank C05515722.pdf 378K
blank C05515724.pdf 385K
blank C05515725.pdf 383K
blank C05515766.pdf 442K
blank C05515767.pdf 388K
blank C05515768.pdf 458K
blank C05515771.pdf 513K
blank C05515772.pdf 385K
blank C05515773.pdf 383K
blank C05515774.pdf 392K
blank C05515775.pdf 390K
blank C05515777.pdf 390K
blank C05515780.pdf 392K
blank C05515781.pdf 388K
blank C05515783.pdf 393K
blank C05515784.pdf 386K
blank C05515785.pdf 395K
blank C05515806.pdf 401K
blank C05515807.pdf 397K
blank C05515808.pdf 395K
blank C05515809.pdf 395K
blank C05515810.pdf 405K
blank C05515811.pdf 390K
blank C05515812.pdf 389K
blank C05515813.pdf 390K
blank C05515823.pdf 385K
blank C05515824.pdf 381K
blank C05515825.pdf 381K
blank C05515866.pdf 382K
blank C05515867.pdf 406K
blank C05515868.pdf 384K
blank C05515869.pdf 396K
blank C05515870.pdf 389K
blank C05515871.pdf 390K
blank C05515872.pdf 382K
blank C05515873.pdf 399K
blank C05515874.pdf 388K
blank C05515875.pdf 392K
blank C05515876.pdf 392K
blank C05515877.pdf 485K
blank C05515928.pdf 409K
blank C05515929.pdf 462K
blank C05515930.pdf 393K
blank C05515931.pdf 412K
blank C05515932.pdf 1.2M
blank C05515933.pdf 734K
blank C05515934.pdf 411K
blank C05515935.pdf 657K
blank C05515936.pdf 440K
blank C05515937.pdf 432K
blank C05515938.pdf 634K
blank C05515939.pdf 406K
blank C05515940.pdf 428K
blank C05515941.pdf 417K
blank C05515942.pdf 416K
blank C05515943.pdf 814K
blank C05515944.pdf 856K
blank C05515945.pdf 401K
blank C05515966.pdf 507K
blank C05515967.pdf 532K
blank C05515968.pdf 387K
blank C05515969.pdf 423K
blank C05515970.pdf 453K
blank C05515971.pdf 426K
blank C05515972.pdf 385K
blank C05515973.pdf 385K
blank C05515974.pdf 385K
blank C05515975.pdf 394K
blank C05515976.pdf 409K
blank C05515977.pdf 436K
blank C05515978.pdf 377K
blank C05515979.pdf 529K
blank C05515980.pdf 397K
blank C05515981.pdf 437K
blank C05515982.pdf 405K
blank C05515983.pdf 663K
blank C05515984.pdf 394K
blank C05515985.pdf 404K
blank C05515986.pdf 388K
blank C05515987.pdf 385K
blank C05515988.pdf 410K
blank C05515989.pdf 431K
blank C05515990.pdf 1.0M
blank C05515991.pdf 469K
blank C05515992.pdf 440K
blank C05515993.pdf 484K
blank C05515994.pdf 457K
blank C05515995.pdf 392K
blank C05515996.pdf 453K
blank C05515997.pdf 472K
blank C05515998.pdf 431K
blank C05515999.pdf 390K
blank C05516000.pdf 387K
blank C05516001.pdf 431K
blank C05516002.pdf 424K
blank C05516003.pdf 426K
blank C05516004.pdf 439K
blank C05516005.pdf 587K
blank C05516023.pdf 548K
blank C05516026.pdf 690K
blank C05516027.pdf 515K
blank C05516028.pdf 472K
blank C05516029.pdf 400K
blank C05516030.pdf 499K
blank C05516031.pdf 381K
blank C05516032.pdf 406K
blank C05516033.pdf 417K
blank C05516034.pdf 430K
blank C05516035.pdf 407K
blank C05516036.pdf 404K A 1958 document which refers to the response given to Dr. Leon Davidson, and the fact they destroyed the evidence related to the “space message.”
blank C05516037.pdf 426K
blank C05516038.pdf 390K
blank C05516039.pdf 405K
blank C05516040.pdf 401K
blank C05516041.pdf 442K
blank C05516042.pdf 520K
blank C05516043.pdf 402K
blank C05516044.pdf 461K
blank C05516045.pdf 408K
blank C05516046.pdf 397K
blank C05516047.pdf 379K
blank C05516048.pdf 459K
blank C05516049.pdf 402K
blank C05516050.pdf 537K
blank C05516051.pdf 396K
blank C05516052.pdf 380K
blank C05516053.pdf 388K
blank C05516054.pdf 438K
blank C05516055.pdf 467K
blank C05516056.pdf 433K
blank C05516058.pdf 482K
blank C05516059.pdf 418K
blank C05516060.pdf 591K
blank C05516061.pdf 478K
blank C05516062.pdf 436K
blank C05516063.pdf 390K
blank C05516064.pdf 397K
blank C05516065.pdf 435K
blank C05516067.pdf 440K
blank C05516068.pdf 565K
blank C05516069.pdf 466K
blank C05516070.pdf 464K
blank C05516072.pdf 388K
blank C05516073.pdf 442K
blank C05516074.pdf 443K
blank C05516076.pdf 442K
blank C05516077.pdf 386K
blank C05516079.pdf 563K
blank C05516085.pdf 419K
blank C05516086.pdf 418K
blank C05516087.pdf 385K
blank C05516088.pdf 472K
blank C05516109.pdf 387K
blank C05516110.pdf 386K
blank C05516112.pdf 374K
blank C05516113.pdf 374K
blank C05516115.pdf 907K
blank C05516118.pdf 1.5M
blank C05516119.pdf 684K
blank C05516120.pdf 464K
blank C05516124.pdf 802K
blank C05516125.pdf 400K
blank C05516126.pdf 1.1M
blank C05516128.pdf 1.6M
blank C05516131.pdf 1.3M
blank C05516143.pdf 506K
blank C05516145.pdf 6.4M
blank C05516146.pdf 470K
blank C05516147.pdf 447K
blank C05516149.pdf 446K
blank C05516152.pdf 586K
blank C05516154.pdf 390K
blank C05516155.pdf 595K
blank C05516157.pdf 499K
blank C05516158.pdf 567K
blank C05516159.pdf 442K
blank C05516160.pdf 407K
blank C05516165.pdf 624K
blank C05516168.pdf 601K
blank C05516171.pdf 483K
blank C05516188.pdf 456K
blank C05516189.pdf 502K
blank C05516190.pdf 460K
blank C05516191.pdf 450K
blank C05516192.pdf 509K
blank C05516194.pdf 602K
blank C05516195.pdf 419K
blank C05516196.pdf 439K
blank C05516198.pdf 632K
blank C05516200.pdf 520K
blank C05516201.pdf 391K
blank C05516202.pdf 391K
blank C05516204.pdf 385K
blank C05516206.pdf 410K
blank C05516207.pdf 501K
blank C05516208.pdf 402K
blank C05516209.pdf 458K
blank C05516210.pdf 408K
blank C05516212.pdf 375K
blank C05516214.pdf 462K
blank C05516218.pdf 434K
blank C05516220.pdf 432K
blank C05516221.pdf 680K
blank C05516222.pdf 525K
blank C05516224.pdf 636K
blank C05516225.pdf 1.4M
blank C05516226.pdf 588K
blank C05516227.pdf 732K
blank C05516229.pdf 532K
blank C05516230.pdf 412K
blank C05516231.pdf 491K
blank C05516234.pdf 445K
blank C05516235.pdf 471K FBIS – Somaliland President Egal Speak on Mysterious Bomb Blast – January 1996
blank C05516237.pdf 463K FBIS – Program Summary, Paris Antenne-2 Television in French – April 1990
blank C05516239.pdf 488K CIA Intelligence Report regarding various issues in Russia. One item, involves Russian scientists seeking information on UFOs – January 1990
blank C05516241.pdf 415K
blank C05516242.pdf 391K
blank C05516243.pdf 418K
blank C05516245.pdf 427K
blank C05516246.pdf 409K
blank C05516247.pdf 464K
blank C05516248.pdf 440K
blank C05516572.pdf 496K
blank C05516573.pdf 408K
blank C05516574.pdf 397K
blank C05516575.pdf 418K
blank C05516576.pdf 451K
blank C05516577.pdf 434K
blank C05516578.pdf 467K
blank C05516579.pdf 396K
blank C05516580.pdf 429K
blank C05516581.pdf 396K
blank C05516582.pdf 431K
blank C05516583.pdf 444K
blank C05516584.pdf 403K
blank C05516585.pdf 433K
blank C05516586.pdf 401K
blank C05516587.pdf 462K
blank C05516588.pdf 2.3M
blank C05516589.pdf 402K
blank C05516590.pdf 429K
blank C05516591.pdf 418K
blank C05516592.pdf 385K
blank C05516593.pdf 377K
blank C05516594.pdf 373K
blank C05516596.pdf 871K
blank C05516597.pdf 780K
blank C05516598.pdf 406K
blank C05516599.pdf 837K
blank C05516600.pdf 1.0M
blank C05516601.pdf 873K
blank C05516602.pdf 862K
blank C05516603.pdf 1.0M
blank C05516604.pdf 1.1M
blank C05516605.pdf 945K
blank C05516626.pdf 872K
blank C05516627.pdf 939K
blank C05516629.pdf 921K
blank C05516631.pdf 704K
blank C05516632.pdf 506K
blank C05516633.pdf 423K
blank C05516634.pdf 450K
blank C05516635.pdf 464K
blank C05516636.pdf 828K
blank C05516637.pdf 458K
blank C05516639.pdf 503K
blank C05516640.pdf 579K
blank C05516641.pdf 696K
blank C05516642.pdf 614K
blank C05516643.pdf 598K
blank C05516644.pdf 382K
blank C05516645.pdf 366K
blank C05516648.pdf 366K
blank C05516649.pdf 361K
blank C05516650.pdf 367K
blank C05516651.pdf 366K
blank C05516652.pdf 743K
blank C05516653.pdf 366K
blank C05516655.pdf 640K
blank C05516657.pdf 364K
blank C05516658.pdf 596K
blank C05516659.pdf 1.0M
blank C05516660.pdf 1.0M
blank C05516661.pdf 857K
blank C05516662.pdf 944K
blank C05516663.pdf 1.0M
blank C05516664.pdf 530K
blank C05516665.pdf 569K
blank C05516666.pdf 483K
blank C05516667.pdf 477K
blank C05516668.pdf 387K
blank C05516669.pdf 672K
blank C05516670.pdf 386K
blank C05516671.pdf 637K
blank C05516672.pdf 685K
blank C05516673.pdf 447K
blank C05516674.pdf 736K
blank C05516675.pdf 906K
blank C05516676.pdf 611K
blank C05516677.pdf 526K
blank C05516678.pdf 408K
blank C05516679.pdf 971K
blank C05516687.pdf 1.1M
blank C05516688.pdf 585K
blank C05516689.pdf 502K
blank C05516690.pdf 571K
blank C05516691.pdf 381K
blank C05516692.pdf 1.0M
blank C05516693.pdf 864K
blank C05516694.pdf 1.0M
blank C05516695.pdf 915K
blank C05516696.pdf 1.0M
blank C05516697.pdf 1.1M
blank C05516698.pdf 964K
blank C05516699.pdf 949K
blank C05516700.pdf 923K
blank C05516701.pdf 801K
blank C05516702.pdf 895K
blank C05516703.pdf 1.0M
blank C05516704.pdf 1.0M
blank C05516705.pdf 943K
blank C05516706.pdf 882K
blank C05516707.pdf 532K
blank C05516708.pdf 920K
blank C05516709.pdf 701K
blank C05516710.pdf 446K
blank C05516711.pdf 377K
blank C05516712.pdf 432K
blank C05516713.pdf 391K
blank C05516714.pdf 374K
blank C05516715.pdf 405K
blank C05516716.pdf 452K
blank C05516717.pdf 560K
blank C05516720.pdf 396K
blank C05516721.pdf 419K
blank C05516722.pdf 435K
blank C05516723.pdf 415K
blank C05516724.pdf 925K
blank C05516725.pdf 965K
blank C05516726.pdf 540K
blank C05516728.pdf 394K
blank C05516729.pdf 907K
blank C05516730.pdf 954K
blank C05516731.pdf 436K
blank C05516732.pdf 395K
blank C05516733.pdf 396K
blank C05516752.pdf 403K
blank C05516753.pdf 394K
blank C05516754.pdf 451K
blank C05516755.pdf 395K
blank C05516756.pdf 402K
blank C05516757.pdf 493K
blank C05516758.pdf 427K
blank C05516759.pdf 449K
blank C05516760.pdf 448K
blank C05516761.pdf 403K
blank C05516762.pdf 2.1M
blank C05516763.pdf 521K
blank C05516764.pdf 434K
blank C05516765.pdf 420K
blank C05516766.pdf 2.2M
blank C05516767.pdf 612K
blank C05516768.pdf 418K
blank C05516769.pdf 416K
blank C05516770.pdf 957K
blank C05516771.pdf 430K
blank C05516772.pdf 586K
blank C05516773.pdf 597K
blank C05516774.pdf 441K
blank C05516775.pdf 405K
blank C05516776.pdf 596K
blank C05516777.pdf 589K
blank C05516779.pdf 434K
blank C05516780.pdf 404K
blank C05516781.pdf 563K
blank C05516783.pdf 614K
blank C05516784.pdf 401K Beijing China Radio International in Russian – 22 July 1993
blank C05516785.pdf 434K
blank C05516786.pdf 395K
blank C05516787.pdf 591K
blank C05516788.pdf 414K
blank C05516789.pdf 655K
blank C05516790.pdf 381K
blank C05516791.pdf 714K
blank C05516792.pdf 2.2M
blank C05516793.pdf 369K
blank C05516794.pdf 409K Moscow TRUD – 22 December 1993 Evening Edition
blank C05516795.pdf 391K
blank C05516796.pdf 459K
blank C05516812.pdf 2.0M
blank C05517113.pdf 407K
blank C05517117.pdf 587K
blank C05517118.pdf 424K
blank C05517119.pdf 675K
blank C05517120.pdf 386K
blank C05517121.pdf 431K
blank C05517456.pdf 666K
blank C05517457.pdf 564K
blank C05517458.pdf 574K
blank C05517459.pdf 516K
blank C05517460.pdf 436K
blank C05517461.pdf 443K
blank C05517462.pdf 657K
blank C05517463.pdf 409K
blank C05517464.pdf 381K
blank C05517465.pdf 428K
blank C05517466.pdf 388K
blank C05517467.pdf 396K
blank C05517468.pdf 416K
blank C05517469.pdf 1.7M Press Service Log: Xinhua English – December (year unknown)
blank C05517470.pdf 391K
blank C05517471.pdf 496K
blank C05517472.pdf 386K
blank C05517473.pdf 597K
blank C05517474.pdf 598K
blank C05517475.pdf 389K
blank C05517476.pdf 387K
blank C05517477.pdf 395K
blank C05517478.pdf 581K
blank C05517479.pdf 385K
blank C05517480.pdf 627K
blank C05517482.pdf 672K
blank C05517483.pdf 605K
blank C05517484.pdf 430K
blank C05517485.pdf 407K
blank C05517486.pdf 424K
blank C05517487.pdf 418K
blank C05517488.pdf 381K
blank C05517489.pdf 406K
blank C05517490.pdf 414K
blank C05517491.pdf 398K
blank C05517492.pdf 434K
blank C05517493.pdf 372K
blank C05517494.pdf 382K
blank C05517495.pdf 385K
blank C05517496.pdf 395K
blank C05517497.pdf 386K
blank C05517498.pdf 407K
blank C05517499.pdf 401K
blank C05517500.pdf 455K FBIS – Delhi Doordarshan Television Network in English – Television Program Summary – May 1992
blank C05517501.pdf 407K
blank C05517502.pdf 390K
blank C05517503.pdf 389K
blank C05517504.pdf 382K
blank C05517505.pdf 400K
blank C05517506.pdf 395K
blank C05517507.pdf 391K
blank C05517508.pdf 444K
blank C05517509.pdf 836K
blank C05517510.pdf 1.0M
blank C05517511.pdf 1.0M
blank C05517512.pdf 3.3M
blank C05517513.pdf 2.2M
blank C05517514.pdf 1.5M
blank C05517515.pdf 1.4M
blank C05517516.pdf 1.1M
blank C05517517.pdf 496K
blank C05517518.pdf 395K
blank C05517519.pdf 394K
blank C05517520.pdf 417K
blank C05517521.pdf 405K
blank C05517522.pdf 455K
blank C05517523.pdf 383K
blank C05517524.pdf 409K
blank C05517525.pdf 387K
blank C05517526.pdf 1.4M
blank C05517527.pdf 1.7M
blank C05517528.pdf 416K
blank C05517529.pdf 380K
blank C05517530.pdf 703K
blank C05517531.pdf 1.5M
blank C05517532.pdf 627K
blank C05517533.pdf 452K
blank C05517534.pdf 1.0M
blank C05517535.pdf 438K
blank C05517536.pdf 597K
blank C05517537.pdf 3.2M
blank C05517538.pdf 941K
blank C05517539.pdf 1.1M
blank C05517540.pdf 391K
blank C05517541.pdf 438K
blank C05517542.pdf 482K
blank C05517543.pdf 496K
blank C05517545.pdf 875K
blank C05517546.pdf 402K
blank C05517547.pdf 676K
blank C05517548.pdf 577K
blank C05517549.pdf 608K
blank C05517550.pdf 412K
blank C05517551.pdf 1.4M
blank C05517552.pdf 472K
blank C05517553.pdf 412K
blank C05517554.pdf 482K
blank C05517555.pdf 479K
blank C05517556.pdf 400K
blank C05517558.pdf 401K
blank C05517559.pdf 619K
blank C05517565.pdf 644K
blank C05517566.pdf 408K
blank C05517567.pdf 509K
blank C05517568.pdf 441K
blank C05517569.pdf 427K FBIS – Special Service Set Up Within Army to Monitor UFOs – December 1995
blank C05517674.pdf 526K FBIS – Physicist Sees UFO’s as CIA Device – November 1995
blank C05517675.pdf 684K FBIS – UFO Sightings No. 4: Statements by Military and Government Officials – January 1991
blank C05517677.pdf 562K FBIS – USSR: UFO Sightings No. 3 – Deputy Minister of Defense Interview – Circa 1991
blank C05517678.pdf 2.4M Exploitation of Metallic Fragment from Unidentified Flying Object – 4 May 1966
blank C05517679.pdf 397K
blank C05517680.pdf 422K
blank C05517681.pdf 497K
blank C05517682.pdf 428K
blank C05517684.pdf 429K
blank C05517685.pdf 427K
blank C05517686.pdf 430K
blank C05517687.pdf 420K
blank C05517688.pdf 431K
blank C05517689.pdf 389K
blank C05517690.pdf 496K
blank C05517691.pdf 389K
blank C05517692.pdf 438K
blank C05517694.pdf 445K
blank C05517695.pdf 491K
blank C05517696.pdf 449K
blank C05517697.pdf 406K
blank C05517698.pdf 422K
blank C05517699.pdf 418K
blank C05517700.pdf 406K
blank C05517701.pdf 430K
blank C05517702.pdf 425K
blank C05517705.pdf 448K
blank C05517706.pdf 484K
blank C05517707.pdf 392K
blank C05517708.pdf 455K
blank C05517709.pdf 416K
blank C05517710.pdf 419K
blank C05517711.pdf 467K
blank C05517712.pdf 481K
blank C05517713.pdf 494K
blank C05517714.pdf 481K
blank C05517715.pdf 470K
blank C05517716.pdf 502K
blank C05517717.pdf 445K
blank C05517718.pdf 426K
blank C05517719.pdf 434K
blank C05517720.pdf 508K
blank C05517721.pdf 433K
blank C05517722.pdf 438K
blank C05517723.pdf 481K
blank C05517724.pdf 436K
blank C05517725.pdf 434K
blank C05517727.pdf 433K
blank C05517728.pdf 488K
blank C05517729.pdf 432K
blank C05517730.pdf 462K
blank C05517731.pdf 377K
blank C05517732.pdf 553K
blank C05517733.pdf 463K
blank C05517734.pdf 428K
blank C05517735.pdf 430K
blank C05517736.pdf 431K
blank C05517737.pdf 448K
blank C05517740.pdf 433K
blank C05517741.pdf 397K
blank C05517742.pdf 1.7M
blank C05517743.pdf 429K
blank C05517744.pdf 406K
blank C05517745.pdf 495K
blank C05517746.pdf 524K
blank C05517747.pdf 412K
blank C05517748.pdf 663K
blank C05517749.pdf 403K
blank C05517751.pdf 488K
blank C05517752.pdf 506K
blank C05517753.pdf 413K
blank C05517757.pdf 403K
blank C05517758.pdf 383K
blank C05517759.pdf 399K
blank C05517760.pdf 417K
blank C05517761.pdf 421K
blank C05517762.pdf 410K
blank C05517763.pdf 499K
blank C05517764.pdf 432K
blank C05517765.pdf 394K
blank C05517786.pdf 416K
blank C05517787.pdf 414K
blank C05517788.pdf 402K
blank C05517789.pdf 411K
blank C05517790.pdf 383K
blank C05517791.pdf 426K
blank C05517792.pdf 392K
blank C05517793.pdf 396K
blank C05517794.pdf 392K
blank C05517795.pdf 457K
blank C05517797.pdf 481K
blank C05517798.pdf 438K
blank C05517799.pdf 1.1M
blank C05517800.pdf 611K
blank C05517801.pdf 374K
blank C05517802.pdf 390K
blank C05517803.pdf 430K
blank C05517805.pdf 470K
blank C05517806.pdf 476K
blank C05517807.pdf 434K
blank C05517808.pdf 455K
blank C05517809.pdf 457K
blank C05517810.pdf 438K
blank C05517811.pdf 401K
blank C05517812.pdf 429K
blank C05517813.pdf 484K
blank C05517814.pdf 482K
blank C05517815.pdf 485K
blank C05517816.pdf 437K
blank C05517818.pdf 433K
blank C05517819.pdf 423K
blank C05517820.pdf 435K
blank C05517821.pdf 438K
blank C05517822.pdf 478K
blank C05517823.pdf 442K
blank C05517824.pdf 400K
blank C05517825.pdf 420K
blank C05517826.pdf 494K
blank C05517828.pdf 463K
blank C05517829.pdf 454K
blank C05517830.pdf 439K
blank C05517831.pdf 420K
blank C05517832.pdf 441K
blank C05517833.pdf 433K
blank C05517834.pdf 495K
blank C05517835.pdf 447K
blank C05517836.pdf 433K
blank C05517837.pdf 432K
blank C05517838.pdf 441K
blank C05517839.pdf 403K
blank C05517840.pdf 448K
blank C05517841.pdf 439K
blank C05517842.pdf 478K
blank C05517843.pdf 518K
blank C05517844.pdf 444K
blank C05517845.pdf 428K
blank C05517846.pdf 405K
blank C05517847.pdf 423K
blank C05517848.pdf 412K
blank C05517849.pdf 416K
blank C05517850.pdf 495K
blank C05517851.pdf 418K
blank C05517852.pdf 425K
blank C05517853.pdf 502K
blank C05517854.pdf 495K
blank C05517855.pdf 443K
blank C05517856.pdf 502K
blank C05517857.pdf 453K
blank C05517858.pdf 453K
blank C05517859.pdf 440K
blank C05517860.pdf 433K
blank C05517861.pdf 440K
blank C05527990.pdf 639K
blank C05527991.pdf 433K
blank C05527992.pdf 408K
blank C05527993.pdf 430K
blank C05527994.pdf 594K
blank C05527995.pdf 498K
blank C05530814.pdf 415K


Original Releases – Archived

The following are the original releases going back to about 1997. The above CD-ROM should include the records below as well, but they are archived here for reference.

blank PDF File #1 (32 Megs) | blank PDF File #2 (35 megs)

blank Central Intelligence Agency releases multiple documents after a request was filed to the DIA in 2009 [65 Pages, 1.37MB] Released September of 2009 – These records prove the CIA is still collecting intelligence in regards to UFOs, and that material from just the past few years is considered a threat to our national security.

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