This collection of material by and about Richard Helms as Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and Ambassador to Iran comprises the largest single release of Helms-related information to date. The documents, historical works and essays offer an unprecedented, wide-ranging look at the man and his career as the United States’ top intelligence official and one of its most important diplomats during a crucial decade of the Cold War. From mid-1966, when he became DCI, to late 1976, when he left Iran, Helms dealt directly with numerous events whose impact remains evident today and which are covered in the release.

Made available here is a PDF version of the print collateral that accompanied The Richard Helms Collection.


Personal for the Ambassador re Saigon msg
msg to Helms for Miklos
msg to Charge D’Affaires Jack Miklos
Personal for the Charge D’Affiares re Iranian delegation
re brief interview w/ Eric Johnsen 1
Ambass and Mrs. Helms returning to Tehran
Helms unavailable
msg from Naas to Helms on Hersh article
Testimony does not contain such a statement
Helms request that motion be quashed 27273] 21
stand down effort to contact Helms
Helms not expected back in Nairobi
re Drop Helms on Head quote by Hersh
Director and Nairobi cables
re Stand down
pertinent protions of Seymour Hersh’s NY times article
Carver to Helms re Bob Slighton
Cunningham and Helms’ transited Cairo
Georger Carver for Helms re HQ cable
messages sent to Nairobi in connection w/ Hersh
Warner for Helms msg sent to Nairobi in connection w/Hersh …
Transmittal Manifest
from Warner re letter for Charles Naas
Helms suggestion discussed with DoJ (Tehran)
Telegram constituting Warner’s authorization
Oral advice for DoJ in Helms representation in Bohmer case
to Helms for Robert Hormats re memo of Robinson’s conversa…
Helms re March 5 operation
for Scowcroft re lttr for General Mulla Mustafa Barzani
re request of testimony before Nedzi Subcommittee
re Senate Foreign Relations Committee
for Helms re Minister of Court Alam
thank you; appropriate selection
to Helms re Schlesinger Interview
Helms for Naas re conversation w/ Ambassador Zahedi
Helms for Naas re Shah/Queen visit
Draft Naas for Helms re Shah’s visit to DC
Malmborg of State Dept. letter
Naas for Helms re hotel reservations
itinerary from Tehran to Washington
travelers from Tehran to Washington
for Helms re Mr. Lawrence Eagleburger
for James Cunningham re Helms itinerary
Msg for Gen Haig to Helms re Thank you for visit of CincSouth
re msg #R-231619Z
re: Miami civil action file no. 75-515
Dispatch notice w/ memo re Letter to Mr. Tulio Acampora (reque…
re: thanks to Director
Dispatch notice w/ memo re Ambassador’s reply to letter from …
for Ambassador Akins
John Walker to Helms re Barbour visit
“Please advise after return of Ambassador.”
Canberra and Tehran re Barbour schedule changes
re Canberra re Helms most please to see Director of ASIO
for Helms re last-minute things
re Canberra and Tehran cables
re Canberra cable
re Barbour
Helms please to see
for Helms re thank you
for Scowcroft re call for Ambass Zahedi
for Helms
received mail summons re C-75-1211-CBR
re asking defendant to identify plaintiff
Helms for Naas re interim msg concerning P-3
Handwritten memo to Scowcroft re Secretary Kissinger
for Helms to Scowcroft re: Saudi Arabian intelligence
for Naas to Miklos re P-3 Operations and Schlesinger’s approval
for Miklos to Naas re P-3 Operations
Helms for Martin Hoffman re misinterpreted request re new …
re Helms unavailable until 12 July
re San Francisco case Plaintiff as John Doe issue
Pass msg to Helms and MajGen Devol Brett
re departure from Tehran
Cunningham/Helms transit Frankfurt
for General Jones re Rock Brett’s promotion
Helms traveling
Helms has been delayed
“Immediate Paris Info Tehran” Helms/Cunningham departing …
Itinerary Cunningham July 15-20
FYI memo re info received from Kipperman July 22
Dr. Tietjen for Helms re retirement/medical record
Naas for Helms re P-3 Flights 28719]
Dr. John R. Hietjen to Helms re agency medical record
Dr. Tietjen for Helms
request of DoJ for representation in Civil Action no C-75-1211…
Cautionary memo re: Day’s lawyer intentions
material received from Mr. Day’s lawyer
for John Greaney fr. Helms re Nunez case
Report “Possible NIOC Assistance to Ethiopian Oil Co” [RCI …
Helms for Naas re transfers to Jordan
from Situation Rm re Tehran msg
Confirmation of receipt from civil action file no. 75-3493
re: suggesting Helms send lttr to Attorney General requesting …
re “Plaintiff’s First Interrogatories and Plaintiff’s First Request for …
Helms for Naas re previous message
“It is not clear to me what the last sentence of the letter intends”
DoJ letter dated 1 Aug 1975
re DoJ preparing answers for the Bohmer case
Tehran: No suit filed
re “Forwarded via TM 1021508”
Scowcroft to Helms re president thank you
re answer for Attny Gen re representation in Driver Case Sep 20…
Transmittal Manifest
Naas for Helms re trying to get a response
Response has been delayed due to negotiations
RCI 136
Helms travel
Transmittal Manifest: lttr for Ambassador
re msg RCI 202
Washington Itinerary for October 1975 travel
to Rumsfeld – congratulations from Helms
to Scowcroft re congrats
Helms for Naas 138 resolution of IBEX problems in 10 days
from Scowcroft re thank you
re corporate records re Chile Investigation
Tehran: DoJ investigating mail intercept program and hired privat…
Mail intercept cases
re request Helms use RYBAT (Dummy chron)
re complaint filed; request DoJ assistance
Iraqi Inventory ref #
“Advise re: briefing” Tehran
re: brief
re Cunningham and Helms returning from Washington
William Nelson submitting recommendations to DoJ
re RI judge Not granting extension of time
ref Tehran
re Donnenfeld/Helms mtg in DC mid Dec. 75
re trip postponed (Tehran)
re Tehran cables
re Tehran cable
re: Tehran cables
Itinerary for trip to Iran
re thank you for thoughtful msg on Welch’s death


Helms from Warner: Donnenfeld requesting telephone call for …
Cable re funeral for Richard S. Welch
Travel Itinerary
Cable: Helms for Colby re Admiral Raborn visit w/Colby
Memo re Admiral Raborn audience arranged through Iranian …
cable memo by George Adis
Cable: Cunningham and travel companion arriving in DC
Helms from Warner re: Tehran (msg given to Donnenfeld)
Cable: Meyer from Helms; letter for Cynthia
Cable: Starke mailed letter 15 Jan
Cable: plans proceeding per ref E2
Transmittal Manifest
Cable from Col Boynton “remarks during testimony were most …
Cable Helms trip with following exceptions
1/2 sheet Thank you for John Greaney for phone call
1/2 sheet Thank you to Brent Scowcroft on above note WH60230
Cable request from Helms to telephone Ambass Douglas …
Memo for Helms re request for phone call to Mr. Averell Harri…
Cable re: companions’ plan to arrive in Washington 2/22/76
Cable re Maj Gen Richard Trefry for new Chief
Cable re coordination with RSO and Embassy [Cairo]
Cable DCI Bush will be given powers to control
Cable re AP story by David Martin re Helms meeting w/Senator …
Cable re blacklisted Lavi brothers
Cable re Helms/Cunningham re trip to Cairo
Cable re Flanagan and personal note
Helms for Warner: Donnenfeld prepared affidavit for New York …
1/2 sheet from Brent Scowcroft, no prosecuting anyone else re …
Cable for DCI Bush re no release of names
Cable Embassy confirmed flight and hotel reservations [Cairo]
Cable: Remarks requested for John Warner’s farewell
Helms from Warner: re Bohmer Case in San Diego DoJ letters …
Helms from Warner: Nixon deposed Jan 1976 in connection wit…
cable: William Miller of SSC forwarded to Dick Lehman information
Cable Ambass Helms and Mrs and Mr Cunningham departing …
cable: re docs sent March 3 via diplomatic pouch
cable: re George Carver analysis for assistance re SSC
cable for Warner fr. Helms: msg to be forwarded to William Miller
cable: re thanks for comments
Cable for Ambass Helms from Bill Koplowitz
Cable re Senator Proxmire
Cable reply to msg in absence of Gen Walters and Bill Nelson
Cable re John Warner’s retirement announcement
Cable re Recommendation for MAAG Army Section Chief Gen …
Cable DCI Bush from Helms re IBEX and Gen Fish
Cable re April 9 mtg re IBEX Project
cable: re confirmation of information provided by Helms in Bohm…
Cable re IBEX program
Cable for DCI Bush re Eltes and the Distribution of Power in Iran
Memo: draft answer filed on behalf of Helms in th Bohmer Suit
Cable: Thank you for research study “Elites and the Distribution …
Cable: H. Knoche to Helms re thanks
Cable: Follow the IBEX Program
Cable: DCI Bush to Helms re expedite release
Cable: Follow the IBEX Program from policy view w/DoD
Ambass. Helm Eyes Only draft of Senate Select Committee …
Ambass. Helm reply to ref. msg.
cable from Helms to Greaney on Director
Cable: Karamessines/Baron mtg on the SSC Draft Report
Hand written memo (french?)
Cable: Tom Powers travel to Iran
Office of the Ambassador routing sheet: FYI 6/2
Cable: reservations
Cable re: visit with the Myers
Cable: personal re Itinerary changes
Cable: personal for Europa Hotel
Transmittal Manifest
Cable: Zeke Zellmer travel to visit Helms
Cable for DCI: Helms missed msg due to travel in London
Cable Eyes Only from DCI to Helms re Zeke Zellmer trip to …
“Ref Timing Fine” Tehran cable
Cable re Powers’ Rolling Stone article
Cable: Eyes Only re Rolling Stone article by Thomas Powers
Cable: Helms to Carter no RPT no Data]
Cable: Helms to DCI Bush re Zellmer’s visit
Trip to Scotland
Transmittal Manifest, NE Division, re: sealed envelope
Transmittal Manifest
Amended Complaint Class Action for Declaratory and Injunctive …
Driver Case memo for Ambassador Helms from John Greaney
Itinerary for trip from Mehrabad Airport to Rasht Airport July 18 …
Cable: Personal msg to Helms from Carver
Cable: personal msg to George Carver from Helms

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