Transmittal Manifest
Transmittal Manifest
Transmittal Manifest
Transmittal Manifest
Helms for Angleton
“would be most grateful if I could receive”
re preference to fly
Helms for Byroade “Bhutto says he plans”
Helms to Kissinger re disengagement agreement
Scowcroft to Helms re many thanks
Helms to Scowcroft re bottom of page 3 and top of 4
re Aziz Ahmed’s conversation
Helms for Byroade “it had been my understanding”
Helms to Scowcroft re planning to depart Islamabad
re Islamabad cable
Tehran have a good trip
for Chin for Helms re lodging Lindsay
to Welles for Helms re stepdaughter McKelvie
re Tehran seems sensible
re happy to lodge Ms. McKelvie
“your Tehran”
re Lindsay’s plans for Tokyo
Transmittal Manifest
“Events precipitated by the October war”
Helms for Colby re Dan Rather telephone call
re change in Lindsay’s schedule
Sisouk upcoming wedding
Colby for Helms “I never destroyed any tapes”
to Helms for MG Brett re offer of assistance …
undated letter re Sisouk
Colby for Helms 28 Jan lttr
briefing to the Shah
Helms to Scowcroft visit w/Shah after …
re Miss McKelvie arrived
Helms to SecDef re letter to Shah
Helms for Colby re Lyle Miller
Helms for Colby re return for meeting w/Howard Baker
Helms to Scowcroft re visit to Mexico City
Scowcroft to Helms
re Lindsay left as scheduled
Helms to Moorer re Iranian Navy in the Shah’s planning for …
Agency officer holding pkg for Mrs Helms
Helms for Moorer re comments regarding rear admiral
Helms to Scowcroft re Shah’s proposed financial contributions to…
re Laurence Stern story “Not Watergate Material”
Helms for Colby “your comment that it could”
to Ambass Rivero, Madrid for Helms re Georg von Lilienfeld
re Lindsay McKelvie
Mrs. Helms’ purchases
Memo to Mr. Lee re Australian banknote
re Lindsay departed Tokyo
re kindnesses to Lindsay
thx for being nice to Lindsay
Helms from Colby re Loan for PSAS
re Minister Chao Sisouk and his bride Princess Marina sched…
Transmittal Manifest
Helms out of town, Mrs. Helms to entertain Sisouk and bride
cable copy of above msg
for Mr. Arnold, Vientiane re Sisouk visit
to Helms for Ambassador Rivero, Madrid re schools for daughter
re dinner and drinks
re CENTO meetings
Transmittal Manifest
Adm Moorer’s office request
for Helms “additional instruction passed for chairman’s office”
Helms re British Ambass Francis Brooks-Richards about to dep…
Helms not in Iran
Dispatch re transmittal of gift book for General Gehlen
re discussion w/Court Minister Alam Mar 18
Helms for Colby re Washington Post article “Helms says Barker …
re contact w/Barker and Daniel Schultz
Helms for Moorer re Kissinger pleased to learn that Shah …
re military pressure on Iraq until there is some for of disengage…
Helms for Scowcroft re Tehran cable
for Wolfe look out for antique sculpture
copy of the above item with changes
re antique sculpture for Mrs. Helms
Helms to Scowcroft re Mulla Mustafa Barzani and Dr. Uthman …
Helms to Byroade re Pakistani tanks
Helms to Byroade “This will acknowledge your message
Ambass Landau to Helms re Miss Caroly O. Stacy
re Sid Sober
re official party for the visit to the KITTY HAWK
Sctehran re “OER Analyst ”
WH 40770 re Helms visiting Iranian Petroleum facilities
Helms for Cary re Senator Baker’s appearance on “Face the …
Memo re congratulations to Admiral Holloway
re congratulations to Prince and Princess on third child
Helms for Scowcroft
Helms for Haig re Prince Hassan and Princess Sarvath
Helms for Byroade, “It sounds like you”
“no need to commence work on transcript”
Lyle Miller for Helms re transcript of March 8 testimony before …
Helms for Scowcroft re situation in Gulf
re Admiral Moorer
re transcript will be hand carried by Mr. Lew Gordon
re thanks to General Gehlen
Transmittal Manifest re newspaper clippings
re Korteweg called Helms’ office to schedule appt.
Korteweg not intell service member
re “no current HQS traces Peter Korteweg”
funeral ceremony for Mrs. Allen Dulles
“Colonel Kennedy”
re “Peter Korteweg aka Pieter G. J. Korteweg
re Peter Kortewig
re Peter Kortewig, diplomatic commentator
re Ambass Keating
Schlesinger for Helms re Financing Grumman F-14 production
Scowcroft for Helms to Kissinger re Iran’s present program of …
Transmittal Manifest re personal letter for Helms to Cary
memo for Communications officer
A planned departure from Tehran 6 May
Re use of escort
re previous testimony
Re forthcoming visit
Helms for Haig re Brigadier Salim visiting Iran
Haig for Helms
Transmittal Manifest signed memo of receipt
Ref preparations
re visitof Turkish intel officers
Transmittal Manifest re 2 books
Transmittal Manifest re hearing before the Committee on Armed …
Funding of Grumman F-14
re visit with Istanbul police/security force
re Cunningham in Ireland
re lunch w/Jordanian Ambass and the Salim’s
re thank you for Brigadier Abud
re received letter for Rockefeller public
to Helms for re Wallie Deuel death
Memo to Thuermer for Helms re Peter Deuel
Memo to Gen George Brown re congrats on Joint Chief of Staff …
Transmittal Manifest newsclippings
Itinerary does not agree w/Turk Air Schedule
re bodyguards
re Peter Deuel
re schedule changes
to Moorer for Helms re Cpt Harward as Chief of the MAAG’s Nav…
Congen has made reservations
Helms and wife arrived
Scowcroft for Helms re Syrian-Israeli disengagement agreements
Dispatch NITT – mail addressed to Helms at the Agency
Gen George Brown for Helms msg to Gen John Vogt on …
Helms for Haig re King Husayn personal lttr to Shah
Notepad Memo for Mr. Ambassador re request for Angleton
re Assessment that F-14 and F-15 issue is important
Helms for Gen Vogt re warm welcome
Helms for Garment re pass msg to Jerome Wiesner President of…
handwritten note
handwritten note
Helms for Scowcroft re Jim Fletcher of NASA msg
Helms to Leonard Garment and Scowcroft re Dr. Wiesner and …
Helms to Moorer re thanks and best wishes
Islamabad cable Helms for Byroade
Transmittal Manifest re envelope for Tehran
Transmittal Manifest re Tel Aviv
re thanks
Ambass Byroade for Helms re Robert Mantel
Transmittal Manifest Colby for Helms
copy of the above (working copy)
Helms to Scowcroft re Edward Thomas
Helms for Scowcroft re nomination of Edward Thomas
Helms for Colby re Admiral Moorer
Helms for Haig re King Husayn
re Scud missiles for Iraq
for Helms for Richard Kennedy re Thomas
for Helms re surface to surface missiles
Draft visit w/Kissinger
Dispatch NITS- re material for the Office of Legislative Counsel
Helms for Cary re Senator Baker released summary
Kissinger to Helms re visit to Washington
Scowcroft to Helms re travel plans look fine
Kissinger for Helms re Growing problem for the Shah
“Dear Henry”
for Helms re information from para 5 of the current overview
Schlesinger to Helms re Peace crown letter offer
Helms for Schlesinger re Scud question
for Secretary Simon to Tehran Embassy re remarks about Shah
Ambass Helms and Mr. Cunningham proceeding Tehran
please get following msg to Helms
for Helms “thanks for referent msg”
for Helms re coming to Athens
from Helms re contact brother, trip cancelled
for Helms re Athens trip back on
for Helms “many thanks”
“South Wind” is being provisioned and fueled today
Mr. Pearsall Helms and wife will arrive Athens on 25 July
re Hayat chest ordered by Mrs. Helms
re Mr. Pearsall Helms
no Turkish airline flights between Istanbul and Athens
for Mr. Goodwin
for Ambass Godley for Helms re phone local SAS manger and …
for Helms for Ambass Godley re unable to reach SAS station …
re chest for Mrs. Helms
for Mr. Goodwin re travel to Tehran-Istanbul
“SAS office Athens”
Helms departed Beirut
Forwarding of missing bag
“Bag has been located”
Kissinger for Helms {WH42550} re 2 assessments of last year
re transcripts of conversations between Nixon and H.R. Haldeman
to Colby for Helms re Admiral De Poix’s briefing
re Laurence Stern Article
re thank you for msg
Helms for Kissinger re possible visit to China
Secretary Atherton for Helms re procuring Ambass Zahedi’s msg
re Barzani appealing for help
Helms to Scowcroft re Iranian troops in Iraq
Helms for Scowcroft, “Henry has responded to the msg”
Scowcroft for Helms re Secretary’s reply was conveyed to Gen…
Kissinger to Helms re Anti Tank Missiles
re Award for Lou Tordella
to Helms for brother re Mother
re appreciation
Helms for Colby re firm itinerary
For Colby (Tehran) Defer to your judgment
Helms to Scowcroft re Abu Dhabi Embtel
Helms for Warner re Washington Post prints lists of witnesses
for Gen Walters re phone call for Admiral Raborn
“Please advise Admiral Raborn that if he desires an audience …
Holloway for Helms “Regret that my involvement”
Admiral Holloway for Helms re Secretary Kissinger’s visit
Personal for General Haig for Helms re early visit in Tehran
Helms to Scowcroft re pass msg to Rumsfeld
Helms to Kissinger, “In reviewing and updating Ref B”
for Kissinger immediate General Scowcroft re press conference …
for Helms for Haig re problem of the trains
to USCINCEUR re Your 061135Z
attn: re Incident
“Please inform Country Director”
Mgr of Garfinckels informed country director of Fuhrer/Helms …
Washington Signal Center for Helms re Msg for Secretary Kiss…
cable re slight admin problem
Helms for Kissinger re area assessment of China
Helms for Meyer re msg delivered to Lord Ronald Graham
Meyer for Helms re phone call to Lord Graham
Helms for Warner re indication of timing
Helms for Warner re visit
for Helms re suggested points of discussion w/Sultan Qabus
Kissinger for Helms re private visit of Omani Sultan Qabus
Helms for Naas re “The Wedding”
NIACT Immediate Helms to Kissinger, “Foreign Minister Khalat…
to Helms for Colby re John Clements death
for Colby for Helms “appreciate your thoughtfulness”
Helms for Scowcroft re Secretary Kissinger
from Naas to Helms re Happy Holidays
to Helms re wife of Frank Wisner died
Helms for Colby re Seymour Hersh et al. working on a story …
Helms for Scowcroft “Rumsfeld has received a letter”
Helms for Scowcroft re talk w/Mr. Maatman
Helms for Secretary Atherton re concern over NSA No.
Helms to Scowcroft re msg to Secretary Kissinger re audience …
Helm for Warner re Watergate trial closing
Helms for Scowcroft re Iranian Co-production
Helms for Scowcroft re Henry promises to Shah
for Helms re brother Pearsall
to Secretary Kissinger for Helms re Shah will carry message to …
Cable Saigon cable re Helms left Dec 24
Iranians are a very poor fourth
Vietnam to Helms re adequately staffed Iranian delegation
Ambass Sadry and Saigon

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