Richard Helms – Agency Publications

Reflections of DCI’s colby and Helms on CIA’s “Times of Trouble”
Richard Helms: The Intelligence Professional Personified
Eulogy for Former DCI Richard Helms
Richard Helms as Director of Central Intelligence

In His Own Words

Congressional Relations, Vietnam, philosophy of intelligence …
DCI’s Role, early career, Congress and media, OSS, Raborn …
Dismissal, Nixon, politicization, Watergate
Vietnam, Congress
Watergate, Nixon, Dismissal
MHCHAOS, Nixon Administration & Dissent
Counterintelligence, Angleton, Golitsyn, Nosenko, Stalin’s …
McCone, Cuba, Vietnam, Successor as DCI
DCI’s knowledge of “Family Jewels” OXCART, Watergate, Laos
We Believe in our work – Speech given 24 May 1983
Intelligence in American Society
Strategic Arms Limitations and intelligence – DCI Address

Early Studies on Intelligence Community

Eberstadt Committee Report pertaining to CIA
Eberstadt Committee Report – Index of Recommendations
Dulles-Correa-Jackson Report 1948-49
The National Security Organization – A Report to Congress
The Development of American Psychological Operations – 1945-51
The President’s Committee of International Information
Briefings for the Special Study Group
Progress Report to the Congress, Commission on Organization
Report on Intelligence Activities in the Federal Government
Task Force Report on Intelligence Activities – The Gen. Mark …
Part II, Intelligence Activities, Commission on Organization of …
Memorandum for DCI re: Hoover-Clark task force report …
Memorandum for Chief of Operations, DD/P re: Hoover-Clark
CIA internal papers on Clark/Hoover Commission report
Conclusion and Recommendations of the President’s Committee
Report on the covert activities of the CIA – “The Doolittle Report”
Task Force report on intelligence activities – “The Gen. Mark W. ..”
Joint study group report on Foreign Intelligence Activities
Memo on Covert Operations by J. Patrick Coyne
Psychological aspects of U.S. Strategy, panel report
U.S. Intelligence Committee Reform Studies since 1947

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