The following UFO documents are currently not properly categorized in an appropriate sub-category.  Until then, they will be indexed here.

blank 1976 Iran UFO Incident [4 Pages]

blank ATIC, The 1950s, and National Security Policy [17 Pages, 9.48mb] – Page 12 has the section on UFOs.

blank CIA’s Role In The Study of UFOs [19 Pages]

blank Colonel Corso’s DA Form 66 [5 Pages] (More Information)

blank Court Case: State of New Hampshire v. Daniel Fichera. [13 Pages] – This is an interesting document, obtained from the New Hampshire Judicial Branch. In an attempted murder case, the defendant tried to discredit the victim due to her belief in UFOs. If for nothing else, this is an interesting read!

blank Extraterrestrial Life In The Universe [10 Pages]

blank First UFO Incident for Our Country [6 Pages]

blank GAO: Records Concerning the 1947 Crash Near Roswell, New Mexico [26 Pages]

blank Interstellar contact in an evolving universe, Jan 1, 1978 [7 Pages, 3.59MB] – The evolution of organization in the universe is considered. It is proposed that a circum-solar community, and eventually a galactic community represent the next levels of organization in this evolutionary process. Possible strategies for detecting other technological civilizations in the galaxy are discussed.

blank Major General William F.  McKee (USAF) Complaining about UFOs [1 Pages, 60kb]

blank JANAP 146(E) [33 Pages]

blank New UFO Explanation? Every week Public Affairs staffers prepare an article for publication in the Las Cruces Sun-News and the Alamogordo Daily News. This is a humorous explanation for UFOs. Was surprised to find the government even referencing the topic! [1 Page]

blank Oral History Interview with Maj. Gen. William C. Garland [112 Pages, 15.28mb] – Check out pages 182 – 185 for a discussion on UFOs and Flying Saucers. Very interesting closing remark. (More Information)

blank The Path to the Stars: A Collection of Science Fiction Works [464 Pages, 24.33 MB] – The article is a collection of science fiction works and a number of propositions by the Russian author, K. E. Tsiolkovsky. Many of his ideas and propositions have proven to be inaccurate, but nevertheless he did accurately describe some possibilities of the space environment as we know it today. He proposed that the absence of gravity facilitates work, and this relieves the pain of the aged and the ill. He proposed the use of a special green house for supplying food and the restoration of wastes into usable air and water. All necessary energy was to be obtained by mirrors from the sun’s rays, which Tsiolkovsky thought were being wasted for the most part. He gives an adequately accurate description of the moon’s landscape, but he is presupposing too much in the description of native life on the moon and other planets, especially without an atmosphere, and the ease with which gravity is defied. Tsiolkovsky also underestimated some suppositions about the acceleration force in the absence of gravity and the danger of meteorite collision. He overestimated the possibility of using a liquid medium for reducing ‘g’ forces on man during acceleration and the possibility of ‘catching’ meteorites with nets as one would catch butterflies. Some other improbable conceptions of his are the underestimation of using mirrors to create temperature increases at great distances from the sun, the assumption that all starts have planetary systems, migrations to other planets is a necessity, the estimation of the sun’s ‘cooling’ and destroying the Earth, forcing humanity to find another home by migration to other planets. Despite his inaccurate assumptions, his articles are of value.

blank Phoenix Lights Incident in 1997

blank Project Aquarius Final Report (U)

blank Project Aquarius Quarterly Report (U) (2 March 1970)

blank Project Aquarius Annual Report (U) (1 June 1970)

blank Project Aquarius Special Report (U) (18 February 1970)

blank Project Plato (Report Bibliography)[6 Pages]

blank Project X-148 and Foo Fighters

blank The ‘UFO’ of July 24, 1981: A Discussion with Comrade Zhang Zhousheng [10 Pages]

blank The Schizophrenic Theme in Science Fiction [17 Pages, 1.22 MB]

blank Science and Engineering: Indicators 2000 Volume 1, National Science Foundation – Chapter of interest is Chapter 8, page 8-31, entitled, “Belief in the Paranormal or Pseudoscience” | Volume 2, Appendix Tables

blank The Search for Signals of Extraterrestrial Life [10 Pages, 600KB]

blank UFO Seen, Thought to be a Trident Missile by Russian Radar Crew

blank UFOs: What to Do? [46 Pages]

blank United States Air Force Fact Sheet on UFOs and their Termination of Project Blue Book News Release [3 Pages]

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