The Stargate Project was the umbrella code name of one of several sub-projects established by the U.S. Federal Government to investigate claims of psychic phenomena with potential military and domestic applications, particularly “remote viewing”: the purported ability to psychically “see” events, sites, or information from a great distance.

These projects were active from the 1970s through 1995 and were primarily handled by the DIA and CIA. They followed up early psychic research done at The Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), The American Society for Psychical Research, and other psychical research labs.

After many years of fighting, the CIA has finally compiled most of the research material gathered during this program, and compiled it into a multi-disc release stretching 89,901 pages of material.

Although many private companies have aimed to profit off of this publically available material and charge for access, The Black Vault has now added the entire collection, available free to download.

Please note: The CIA has chosen the WORST way to catalogue and archive this information – and they did so in thousands of multi-page .tif files.  What does this mean?  The Black Vault mostly stores documents in .PDF format. It’s more universal, searchable, and easier to use.  However, multi-page .tif files are not quite as universal or ‘commonly used.’

For now, the entire collection, obtained on DVD, is available below – which totals 4.1GB in size.  I will continually convert the .tif files to .pdf’s, and begin converting the collection – but this will take time!  It is an extremely time consuming process – and one that takes a lot of CPU/processing time. (If you are computer saavy and would like to help in converting these files – please contact me.  I could use the help!)

The goal is the have the files entirely converted to .pdf files, and a search engine will be setup to search only this Stargate collection for research.  That will take time, and until then, the documents are available below.

Document Archive

The CIA’s Stargate Collection – Full DVD Contents – 89,901 Pages, 4.11GB

The following is a list of links to the folders on the DVD.  Originally, it was released on a collection of 15 CD-ROMs, but later converted to one DVD by the CIA.  The files are multi-page .tif files, along with (generally unusable) .txt files of the “converted text.”  The process used to convert the documents to text was very poor, and is largely useless.  However, they are included for reference.

To view these documents, you will need a viewer that supports the multi-page .tif files (Meaning, one single .tif files can have 400 pages in it to read. If you use the wrong viewer, you’ll only see one page, if anything at all.)

To view them properly, I highly recommend a 100% free program called IRFAN View. Just follow the link, and click DOWNLOAD to install.  Then, you can download any .tif file to your computer, and open it with this program.

The documents are catalogued as follows… simply click on the disc, and you’ll be taken to the index of records (It will open in a new window. To return to this page — simply close the pop up window):

Stargate #1

Stargate #2

Stargate #3

Stargate #4

Stargate #5

Stargate #6

Stargate #7

Stargate #8

Stargate #9

Stargate #10

Stargate #11

Stargate #12

Stargate #13

Stargate #14

Stargate #15

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