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This project analyzed Soviet national television by investigating the following topics. All programming was taped from First Program (channel) received in real-time (Moscow time) from the Ghorizont geostationary communications satellite.

1. The broadcast day: two full days of First Program-October 22 and 24, 1987 (approximately twenty-eight hours of programming)–analyzed in detail.

2. The newspaper base-line: television and the newspaper system–consistency and disparity in stories and themes between television and individual newspapers. Compared were Central Television and Literaturnaya Gazeta, ,Moscow News, and Pravda.

3. Lag-time and news coverage: comparison of Soviet and American news for July 27-31, August 10-17, and August 11-17, 1988 in order to determine:

(a). The degree to which the same stories were covered
by the two television systems;
(b). The degree of simultaneity of news coverage;
(c). The.”spin” on the stories both systems covered.

4. Detailed analysis of non-news programs depicting the United States between September 1986 and October 1988.

5. Soviet television news flow: analysis of the authoritative evening news program, Vremya, for August 1988: 690 individual news stories, analyzed in terms of countries covered, subjects treated, format, people on the news, degree of explicit bias.

6. Guide to use of the weekly Soviet television programming listings and descriptions, Govorit i pokazyyaet Moskva.

Document Archive

 Soviet Television Programming: Context and Content, January 1989 [297 Pages, 29.5MB]

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