I was curious how much some agencies spent, in regards to advertising on social networks.  So, in October of 2016, I filed to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for records pertaining to this, and was surprised to see a huge influx in spending in 2015 compared to the other years released.

According to the SSA’s website:

“Social Security has provided financial protection for our nation’s people for over 80 years. Chances are, you either receive Social Security benefits or know someone who does. With retirement, disability, and survivors benefits, Social Security is one of the most successful anti-poverty programs in our nation’s history.

We are passionate about supporting our customers by delivering financial support, providing superior customer service, and ensuring the safety and security of your information — helping you secure today and tomorrow.”

 Below, you will find the response to FOIA Case AQ9052.

Document Archive

 Social Security Administration Social Network Spending, 2013-2016 [3 Pages, 1.1MB]


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