Operation CHAOS or Operation MHCHAOS was the code name for a domestic espionage project conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency. A department within the CIA was established in 1967 on orders from President of the United States Lyndon B. Johnson and later expanded under President Richard Nixon.

The operation was launched under Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) Richard Helms, by chief of counter-intelligence, James Jesus Angleton, and headed by Richard Ober. The program’s goal was to unmask possible foreign influences on the student antiwar movement.

Below, you will find the documents collected under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which includes records on not only Operation CHAOS, but also these related programs:

Project MERRIMAC – Designed to infiltrate domestic antiwar and radical organizations thought to pose a threat to security of CIA property and personnel.

Project RESISTANCE – Worked with college administrators, campus security and local police to identify anti-war activists and political dissidents without any infiltration taking place


Central Intelligence Agency Documents

blank CIA Batch #1 [ 49 Pages, 2.42MB ]

blank CIA Batch #2 [ 28 Pages, 1.25MB ]

blank CIA Batch #3 [ 40 Pages, 1.29MB ]

blank CIA Batch #4 (CD-ROM Contents) [ 2,663 Pages Total ] – The CIA had created a CD-ROM of the entire contents of their releasable collection, pertaining to these project.  The contents below are unindexed, and archived here at The Black Vault just like they were received. If you are interested in writing an index, please feel free to write to [email protected] so the below index can be expanded, and a bit more detailed. (Full credit is given to those that help).  Click here to load the CD-ROM contents

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