President Donald Trump Order For Secret Service Protection Over His Kids After Leaving Office

Published in a story by ABC27, on January 20, 2021:

“Before leaving office former President Trump ensured that his extended family would receive protection from the U.S. Secret Service for the next six months, according to several reports.

The Washington Post, citing three people briefed on the plan, reports that Trump instructed the elite team of agents to protect not only himself, his wife Melania, and their son Barron, as provided by federal law, but also 14 extended family members.”

This story, as cited to the Washington Post, was inaccurate. It was later corrected by the Washington Post to only include his grown children.

On the same day, The Black Vault filed a FOIA request for all records relating to the request. On July 30, 2021, there were records released. However, as indicated by the responsive records with the reference to “attachments,” it was clear not everything that was requested – was released. An appeal was filed, and this page will be updated when/if additional documents come in.

The released records also show internal communication about the inaccurate reporting.

Until other records are released, the ones that have been done so thus far are below:

Document Archive

President Donald Trump Order For Secret Service Protection Over His Kids After Leaving Office [14 Pages, 1.2MB]

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John Greenewald

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