Ep. #42 – Special Guest: Teresa Tindal

On Episode #42, Teresa Tindal joins me to speak about her work as a federal lobbyist; her time as the Maryland State Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and much more!

Ep. #41 – Special Edition: U.S. Navy UFO Statements

In Episode #41 of The Black Vault Radio, join me, John Greenewald, Jr., as I dissect the string of official statements on UFOs / UAPs as issued by the U.S. Navy to The Black Vault. These are the statements that has caused a flurry of worldwide attention in the past weeks. I will go over each one, word for word, so you can see exactly what the U.S. Navy has said, and we will go over what it may, or may not, mean. 


Ep. #40 – Special Edition: Three “AATIP UFO” Videos & Luis Elizondo Emails – Full Presentation

In episode #40 of The Black Vault Radio — Join me, John Greenewald, Jr., as I breakdown the new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) release of e-mails to/from Mr. Luis Elizondo. Discover the origins and the truth behind the three “UFO” videos touted by To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science — the same ones you have seen on countless news stories. Find out about the process Mr. Elizondo utilized to have these three “UFO” of “UAP” videos reviewed by the Pentagon, and what the e-mails reveal about the videos themselves. I’ll even go through what the e-mails DON’T reveal, despite what some may want you to think.


Ep. #39 – Special Guest: Erica Lukes

Field investigator and radio show host Erica Lukes steps into the vault.  With a passion for traveling the world, and investigating the unknown, Erica breaks down her time at the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch. Then, she details her recent trip to Norway to investigate a mysterious phenomenon known as the Hessdalen Lights.


Ep. #38 – Special Guest: Mick West

Science writer, skeptical investigator and founder of MetaBunk.org, Mick West, steps into the Vault. Mick spends his time analyzing and critiquing claims of the Paranormal and scrutinizes the details behind popular conspiracy theories. Prepare to challenge what you may believe. Mick holds nothing back.

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