Ep. #37 – Special Guest: Tim McMillan

Retired police Lieutenant Tim McMillan steps back into the Vault. He’s here to speak about the highly secretive Special Access Programs or SAPs within the U.S. government.  With an now extensive knowledge about how SAPs work, I’ll ask about his thoughts are on the now infamous “Admiral Wilson leaks” now circulating the UFO community…  Are they real?

Ep. #36 – Special Guest: Tim Doyle

In episode #36 of The Black Vault Radio — Popular YouTube host and field investigator Tim Doyle steps into the Vault. With extensive experience in the field outside of Area 51, Tim shares details about his investigations around the Top Secret base, and whether or not the joke turned crusade to “Storm Area 51” – is even possible.

Ep. #35 – Special Guest: Chris Cogswell

Doctor of chemical engineering Chris Cogswell steps into the Vault. He tackles the hardcore science behind “metamaterials” and the claims of Bob Lazar. Will these popular topics in UFOlogy stand up to scientific scrutiny?

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