Ep. #52 – Special Guest: Sarah Scoles

More than two years ago, an established science writer and journalist set out on a journey to explore what many call the “UFO Community.” With the goal of giving it an “anthropological look” through 1st person interaction and experience, Sarah Scoles explored the world around Area 51… visited the famed UFO Watchtower… interviewed skeptics, believers and those in the middle ground… scoured the darkest depths of the internet underground… ventured down the hallways of the Pentagon… and yes, one of her interviews was even interviewed yours truly which was all about the recent developments in the land of all things UFOs.

Ep. #51 – Special Guest: Jordan Sather

It’s the 17th letter of the alphabet, and considered the least common letter utilized in the English language. But beginning in October of 2017, this single letter began representing… a movement. And it was all spawned by an unknown, anonymous account, who began posting on the social media network known as 4chan. With the idea that the poster held a high security clearance and was possibly connected directly to the White House; the number of followers to these online posts known as “Q drops” exploded.


Ep. #50 – Special Guest: Lt. Tim McMillan (ret.)

My guest today, is retired police lieutenant and investigative journalist Tim McMillan. No stranger to this program, Tim published a bombshell article for Popular Mechanics just last Friday – publishing never before seen documents, reports and records that claim yes there was a UFO connection to AATIP, and his evidence can prove it.


Ep. #49 – Special Guest: Lt. Col. Kevin Randle (ret.)

More than five decades ago, this man began his hunt for the truth about UFOs. His name, is Kevin Randle. And beginning as a kid, he has pursued a life long interest in the UFO phenomena, and spent nearly three decades on the Roswell incident itself. As a result; he’s rightfully considered one of the top minds on the topic.


Ep. #48 – Special Edition: Pentagon UFO Updates & Open Lines

It’s been a little while since we did some open lines, so here we go! In Episode 48, streamed live, I dive into recent (past month) developments with the Pentagon and their stance on UFOs. I talk about my recent interview with Luis Elizondo, the Colorado drones swarm and much more.

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