The Black Vault Radio - Hosted by John Greenewald, Jr.
Ep. #16 – Special Edition: From Project Sign to AATIP

On Episode #16 of The Black Vault Radio, I explore the most recent media headlines about a “Secret Pentagon UFO Study” and how it fits into the larger narrative of UFO research history. I explore the history behind the U.S. Military and Government’s UFO research programs… beginning in the late 1940s and I’ll take through today’s revelation known as AATIP. What’s real? What’s fiction? And what may be an outright lie?

Show Notes

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TBV Dialogues

Project Blue Book Documents
The 1976 Iran Incident
The Vanishing UFO Regulation, AF INSTRUCTION 10-206
UFO Reporting Procedures
To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, Tom Delonge, and the Secret DoD UFO Research Program

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