The following documents have not yet been put in to their proper sub-categories.   Until then, they will be listed here.

Avoiding a Second Bay of Pigs: Lessons Relevant to the Liberation of Iraq [22 Pages]

Lessons Learned: The Iran-Iraq War [134 Pages] – Political, strategic and tactical aspects of the war

Lessons Learned by the Saudi Arabian National Guard [39 Pages] – Suggestions, advice and tips for successful desert tactical operations

Measuring the Security and Stability in Iraq [48 Pages]

Senate Intelligence Report (521 Pages)

Senate Intelligence Report – Conclusions Only (30 Pages)

Soviet Intelligence on Iraq (4 Pages)

Strategic Implications for U.S. Policy in IRAQ: What Now? [39 Pages]

United Nations Sanctions Against Iraq and Iraq’s Current Military Status [66 Pages]

Weapons of Mass Destruction: U.N. Confronts Significant Challenges in Implementing Sanctions against Iraq [47 Pages]



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