Misc. Aviation Documents

Misc. Aviation Documents

The following is a list of misc. documents pertaining to military aircraft.  In a way, these still have to be organized into proper categories, but for now reside on this page.

 10 Propositions Regarding Air Power [91 Pages]

 Air Mobility Plan, 2008 [138 Pages, 3.95mb] – The Air Mobility Master Plan 2008 is an effects-driven, capabilities-based fl ight plan for the future of the MAF; it is guided by the vision contained in the Commander’s Intent and charts a steady course to ensure we meet the Nation’s future air mobility needs. It serves as the Command’s long-range planning document, given a fi scally unconstrained environment and anticipated operational requirements. This Master Plan is not to be viewed as “carved in stone” but rather as the planned direction for the future of Air Mobility.

 Army Aviation Strike Force: A New Strategic Asset for the 21st Century [46 Pages]

 ATIC, The 1950s, and National Security Policy [17 Pages, 9.48mb]

 Bomber R & D Since 1945. The Role of Experience [91 Pages]

 Contract NAS1-97110 “Hyper-X Research Vehicle Production” [72 Pages]

 Crashed Aircraft Disposal Procedures [9 Pages]

  The Engine for the Fastest Aircraft In The World Is Russian [13 Pages]

 Feasibility of the Military Space Plane for Rapid Response Surveillance and Reconnaissance Satellite Constellation Deployment [84 Pages]

 FY 2000/2001 Biennial Budget Estimates, Volume 1 Operation and Maintenance, Air Force [540 Pages]

 Next-Generation Attack Fighter: Design Tradeoffs and National System Concepts [95 Pages]

 Operation Desert Storm. Evaluation of the Air War [28 Pages]

 Strategic Frontier: American Bomber Bases Overseas, 1950-1960 [301 Pages]

 Study of Methods of Range Extension of Carrier Based Jet Fighters by Carrier Based Assisting Aircraft, 1950 [34 Pages, 2.34mb]

 Tier III Minus Darkstar [8 Pages]

 USAFA Discovery: Jul-Sep 2000. Research Activity in Support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) at the Aeronautics Research Center [8 Pages]

 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Roadmap (2000-2025) [130 Pages]



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