FERC currently leases and occupies 400,000 rentable sq. feet. In order to comply with General Services Administration (GSA) mandates to reduce the current footprint, FERC will undergo a phased renovation of the headquarters building at 888 First Street NE, Washington D.C. 20426. To accomplish this goal, new office and workstation area standards are being defined in order to reduce the overall square footage of occupied space, while providing sufficient space to meet the current and planned future FERC FTE head-counts.

In support of this effort, the “FERC Headquarters Renovation Project and Field Office Refresh: Initial Outfitting, Transition, & Commodities (10T&C)” procurement provides for the following requirements: manufactured furniture, partitions, shelving, chairs, including wood office furniture; furniture installation services, office move and transition services; and information technology (IT) equipment, audio visual equipment, security programming services, and comprehensive light auditing services.

In August of 2017, I requested from FERC all emails between their agency, and the GSA, regarding this “Modernization Project”.

I received a very large (nearly 1 gig) of emails, regarding the project.  I am archiving it in this format, since there are thousands of individual files. The PDF portfolio is the best way to view the archive, although, it is very large.

It is recommended to download the PDF onto your computer, rather than opening it in your browser.

Document Archive

 FERC Headquarters Modernization project Email PDF Portfolio [4,220 Pages, 865MB]


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