This document was requested in August of 2017 by The Black Vault. It was then released on January 18, 2018.

The document’s introduction states:

“The Records Management User Manual (RM User Manual) provides a detailed explanation of records management procedures. It is a reference tool designed to supplement the Records Management Policy Implementation Guide (RM PG). Many policies and procedures which were introduced in the RM PG are more fully explained here.

The RM User Manual provides practical guidance for personnel responsible for applying and maintaining proper records management practices to ali records, regardless of medium or format. While the RM User Manual contains links to relevant Sentinel Quick Guides and provides guidance on certain records management issues in relation to Sentinel, it is not a comprehensive guide to Sentinel; nor is it intended to replace the guidance set forth on the Sentinel website.”

Document Archive

 The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Records Management User Manual, May 2015 [71 Pages, 4.2MB]


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