The purpose of this policy is to establish a single source of policy information for FBI whistleblower protections and the conditions necessary to invoke the special protections afforded under the law. A whistleblower protection policy is necessary to ensure proper management understanding and compliance with applicable federal statutes, regulations, DOJ policy and FBI management practices.

This policy sets forth the specific requirements under the law for whistleblower protections to apply to FBI employees, and clarifies the responsibility for reporting allegations of reprisal taken against any FBI whistleblower.

This policy is applicable to all FBI employees. Persons not falling within this policy (e.g., contractors, persons detailed from other agencies) should seek reporting guidance from a designated authority as defined in Section 11.1.

The Policy

 FBI Whistleblower Policy Directive 0971D, May 1, 2017 [3 Pages, 1.0MB]

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