FBI File: Bob Lazar’s United Nuclear

In November of 2018, The Black Vault began pursuing records relating to the company United Nuclear, owned by Bob Lazar of “flying saucers at Area 51” fame. Whether his story behind seeing alien craft within Area 51 is true or not, his company United Nuclear does have an FBI file.

According to United Nuclear‘s website:

“The purpose of United Nuclear Scientific (United Nuclear Scientific Supplies, LLC) is to once again make scientific equipment & supplies available to everyone. Currently, both private and public schools (as well as other learning institutions) have removed chemicals & glassware from their chemistry labs and electronic components from their engineering classes… along with many other important pieces of “hands-on” learning equipment. In addition, laboratory equipment, chemicals & supplies which were once widely available, are now difficult to find or no longer for sale. ‘Lab’ classes that used to offer hands-on experience with actual materials now have students conduct experiments on computer or simply read text instead of actually coming into contact with the equipment & materials they are learning about. Most professors & teachers we have spoken with completely disagree with this concept. It is our intention make these and other interesting/scientific related items once again available to the hobbyist, teacher and home experimenter, as well as professional and Government organizations.”

The motivation behind the request was the discussion of a raid in 2017 of United Nuclear, which was revealed on Jeremy Corbell‘s documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.” However, in the files of United Nuclear, the FBI denies that within the FBI files on United Nuclear are records pertaining to the 2017 raid. According to local police records received about the incident, the FBI is referenced, so theoretically, there should be.

During the course of negotiating the case, The Black Vault discovered that no records pertained to the 2017 raid.

Although The Black Vault has another case open specifically for documents pertaining to this raid, it is unclear why a raid of United Nuclear, which had FBI involvement, would not exist in the FBI file filed under United Nuclear. It is possible, for whatever reason, the raid files are listed under records pertaining to Bob Lazar himself, and not under United Nuclear, which if true would require a waiver signed by Lazar in order to access the files.

Multiple attempts by The Black Vault over the years to contact Lazar never received a response.

You will also note that the above e-mail reference shows there are more than 1,000 pages total. In the course of negotiating, The Black Vault reduced the scope of the request in order to get records quicker. That was FBI Release #1, available below. However, a new case was filed for the rest, and likely will take a considerable time to complete. In March of 2023, additional records from that case began being released. That is FBI Release #2 below.

In November of 2023, additional records were released. That is FBI Release #3 below. It appears the case remains open, and more records set to be released at a later date. (Note the number of pages reviewed (357) but only 56 were released. Much is being withheld.

Document Archive

FBI File: Bob Lazar’s United Nuclear – FBI Release #1 – [55 Pages, 20.9MB]

FBI File: Bob Lazar’s United Nuclear – FBI Release #2 – [130 Pages, 8MB]

FBI File: Bob Lazar’s United Nuclear – FBI Release #3 – [130 Pages, 2MB]







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This post was published on November 22, 2023 11:30 am

John Greenewald

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