From the document:

“The design elements, or visual language, that make up our house style attempt to convey — through imagery, color and appearance — the qualities that we want the Department of Homeland Security to be known for: being innovative and proactive in our mission and being accessible and direct with our public.

We are entrusted with the relentless protection and defense of America, its ideals, its way of life and its people. We are the trusted and authoritative partner to the state, local and private sector entities that share our mission. We are a 21st-century form of government and proud to protect our homeland.

And our communications must reflect our convictions.

The following pages introduce the foundations of our house style. The hallmarks of this visual language are the distinctive color palettes, the complementary typefaces, standardized uses of imagery and consistent placement of our signature. Our house style will ensure maximum recognition and a clean, contemporary look for all our communications.

These house style guidelines should be used in conjunction with the Seal and Signature Usage Guidelines, which provide more detailed information on usage of the DHS signature and its variations.”

Document Archive

 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) House Style Guidelines, October 2003 [39 Pages, 22.2MB]


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