According to the Atlas:

“The Washington Environmental Atlas identifies and describes many resources and amenities important to the citizens of the State of Washington. The environment is described not only in terms of the preferences and values of people and agencies, but also in terms of the structure and function of basic ecosystems. Accordingly, significant effort was devoted to a map overlay of ecological life zones, species lists and habitats.”

The Atlas also profiles Sasquatch aka “Bigfoot” in the Atlas. A sightings map, details on Bigfoot and multiple drawings appear.

It also recounts an FBI analysis of Sasquatch hair that came to the following conclusion: “… no such hair exists on any human or presently-known animal for which such data are available.”  A request by The Black Vault to the FBI did reveal a FILE ON SASQUATCH; but no reference to this test was available.

Here is the relevant page (entire atlas in high resolution, printable quality, is available below):

Document Archive

blank 1975 Environmental Atlas for Washington (in full) [111 Pages, 306.5MB] – Please note: this is a large file, and you may want to right click, and “save as…” vs. opening in a browser.

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