UFOs: The National Security Agency (NSA) Collection

UFOs: The National Security Agency (NSA) Collection

Background – Original NSA Release

The NSA was a target of one of my original FOIA requests, which yielded the below results. Some of these records were one of the first documents I scanned onto The Black Vault back in 1996, and are archived here as a timestamp for what the NSA was releasing then vs. now.

National Security Agency’s UFO Files Batch #1 [159 Pages]

National Security Agency’s Batch #2, Records Once Exempt From Release [254 Pages]

The “Missing” UFO Files

The below documents are the UFO records released today by the NSA. Years after The Black Vault put the UFO records (as scanned above) – the NSA added them to their website as well.  One interested document of note, the the “Yeates Affidavit.”

In 1980, the NSA was involved in Civil Action No. 80-1562, “Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. National Security Agency”. Documents related to that litigation are below, and marked with “*”. “XXXXX” has been inserted in a title if a portion of the title has been deleted prior to release. During this court case, the judge was given an “in camera” Top Secret clearance to see the explanation on why the NSA was not releasing the UFO documentation, and why the majority of it, were to remain blacked out.

The judge decided in the NSA’s favor, and allowed the information to remain classified. As the years went by, the NSA released the COMINT records, but most of them had only a few words visible per page. The rest, was largely redacted using white out (less of an impact than black ink).

In July of 2013, I requested a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) of ALL of these records from the NSA. What this means, is that you can request an agency to review a document that was classified many years ago, but may not be classified anymore, and hopefully, if you are lucky, they will release more of it.

But, they claim they can not find any of the unredacted original reports for a review. That amounts to literally HUNDREDS of pages of classified UFO material – that has mysteriously vanished into thin air. They did find the Yeates Affidavit, which they did review.

 FOIA Case Processing Notes for my FOIA Case 73445 and MDR 73494 [4 Pages, 1.2MB]

The Yeates Affidavit – 2014 Release

 2014 Yeates Affidavit Release version in July 2014, a year later. This is the most unredacted version that I know of, however, as of May 20, 2016, almost two YEARS after I was successful in getting it reviewed, the NSA still has an older, much more redacted version, that they release to the public. This is a clear and blatant disregard for transparency to the general public. If the NSA releases this information in a FOIA Reading Room online, they should inform the public they are not giving them the whole and complete story, as there is much more information to be found in the document.

The Documents

 * In Camera Affidavit of Eugene F. Yeates – Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. NSA (Civil Action No. 80-1562)

The NSA still releases the above record on their website, with complete disregard that my MDR was successful in getting a much less redacted version released to the public —  SEEN HERE.

 * Communications Intelligence (COMINT) reports [broken into sizable parts for viewing]. These COMINT reports are what the NSA claims to have lost – and are no longer available for review. So, according to them, this important and valuable information has been lost forever.

 * Affidavit of Eugene F. Yeates – Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. NSA(Civil Action No. 80-1562)

 “U.F.O. Files: The Untold Story” by Patrick Huyghe

 “Govt.’s Super-Secret Security Agency Warns: Take UFOs Seriously or Be Prepared for Sneak Invasion by Space Aliens” by Thomas L. Muldoon, National Enquirer

 “The U.S. Government and the Iran Case”– IUR Report

 “Report of U.F.O. Crash in ’47 Called False by Science Panel”– The New York Times

 “What the U.S. Government Knows About UnidentifiedFlying Objects” by Peter Gersten, Frontiers of Science

 “Is the CIA Stonewalling?” by Richard Hall

 “The Government and UFOs”

 “UFO As Advanced Technology”

 “French Government UFO Study”

 Communications Intelligence (COMINT) report – “XXXXX Unidentified Flying Objects”

 COMNAVSECGRU visual sighting report

 “Report Bibliography” issued by the Defense Documentation Center

 “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” by Captain Henry S. Shields, HQ USAFE/INOMP

 Joint Chiefs of Staff report concerning the sighting of a UFO in Iran on 19 September 1976

 Exploitation Report – A Fragment, Metal Recovered in the Republic of the Congo

 Navy report – Country: Cuba, Subject: UFO

 Routing and Transmittal Slip from Louis E. Foster, DIA with a DIA summary sheet and US Defense Attache report on the sighting of a UFO in Iran on 19 September 1976

 Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Flying Saucers Are a Myth

 Department of State report – Subject: Tunisian Firefall

 Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Celestial Body Observed over Antarctica

 Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Political Report for August 1965

 Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Unidentified Flying Objects

 Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Sighting of Object Possibly Originating from
Space Vehicle

 Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Unidentified Flying Objects

 Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Unidentified Flying Objects Reported Over Angola

 Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Report of Unidentified Object Which Fell Near Municipio of General Teran, N.L.

 American Embassy Tunis report – Subject: Unidentified Flying Objects

 Report from Air Force Special Security Office – Subject: (Unclassified) UFOB NEAC Area

 General Accounting Office Report to the Honorable Steven H. Schiff, House of Representatives – Government Records – Results of a Search for Records Concerning the 1947 Crash Near Roswell, New Mexico

 * Memorandum and Order – Citizens Against UFO Secrecy v. National Security Agency
(Civil Action No. 80-1562)

 “Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence” by Lambros D. Callimahos

 * “UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions”

 * “UFO’s and the Intelligence Community Blind Spot to Surprise or Deceptive Data”

 Memorandum for the Record – Subject: Information Request Solicitation

 United States Air Force Fact Sheet 95-03 – “Unidentified Flying Objects and Air Force
Project Blue Book”

 Report of Air Force Research Regarding the “Roswell Incident”

 JANAP 146

 Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages by H. Campaigne

 Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Howard H. Campaigne



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