Miscellaneous Defense Records

Miscellaneous Defense Records

The following documents are currently uncategorized in a proper sub-category in the Defense Issues section.  Until they are, they will be listed here.

A Comparison of the Defense Acquisition Systems of France, Great Britain, Germany and the United States [304 Pages]

A Comparison of U.S. Navy Sea Air Land (SEAL) Teams and U.S. Army Special Forces [301 Pages]

Army Annual Financial Report (2001) [20 Pages]

Base Structure Report (Listing of Facilities) – FY 2002 – 117 Pages

China – Military to Military Exchanges in 2000 [7 Pages]

Chinese Military Power [52 Pages]

Department of Defense Base Structure Report [68 Pages]

DOE Needs Better Controls to Identify Contractors Having Foreign Interests [21 Pages]

Executive Office of the President – Procedures for Acquiring Access to and Safeguarding Intelligence Information [19 Pages]

Feasibility of Third World Advanced Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat.Volume 1: Long Range Ballistic Missile Threat [49 Pages]

Feasibility of Third World Advanced Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat. Volume 2: Emerging Cruise Missile Threat [49 Pages]

Handbook of Problem Solving Techniques for Intelligence Analysts – November 21, 1986 [350 Pages]

High Power Radio Frequency Weapons: A Potential Counter to U.S. Stealth and Cruise Missile Technology [43 Pages]

Homeland Security: A Canadian Perspective [41 Pages]

HOMELAND SECURITY: A Framework for Addressing the Nation’s Efforts [21 Pages]

How to Get It: A Guide to Defense – Related Information Resources [400 Pages]

Joint Vision 2010 publication [39 Pages]

Kosovo/Operation Allied Force After-Action Report [194 Pages]

Manhigh III. USAF Manned Balloon Flight Into The Stratosphere [246 Pages, 11.85mb] – This report covers the manned balloon flight MANHIGH III, the third, and last, of a series of flights into the stratosphere directed by the Aeromedical Field Laboratory. Twelve sections prepared by the pilot and the task scientists, describe the vehicle and its performance, selection and preparation of prospective pilots, the principal psychological and physiological parameters of the subject before, during and after the flight, the operation of a sealed environment under space equivalent conditions, cosmic radiation studies, and related problems such as pilot’s nutrition.

.doc Munitions Storage Area Security [13 Pages]

Secure Database Data Transfer with Starlight [26 Pages]

Special Operations Forces Posture Statement [118 Pages]

Strengthening Transatlantic Security: A U.S. Strategy for the 21st Century [68 Pages]

Trends in Background Issues of Applicants for Access to Classified Information [6 Pages]