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Why Are UFO Leaks Happening? A Flashback To A Theory On WHY Which Still Rings True Today

Back in early December 2020, the now infamous “Batman Balloon” leaked and was published. Although not popular at the time, I put forth a theory on why it may all be happening, and why it was seemingly so easy to debunk.

This is an excerpt from that presentation.

Now, in April of 2021, even MORE material is coming to light. And the Pentagon, just doesn’t seem to care. In fact, on this recent round of material, it seemed a bit too easy to get a response from them regarding the leak, and they acknowledged it was all genuine. However, they wouldn’t say if it was considered “unidentified.”


This flashback to the theory presented in December of 2020, still holds water today. And maybe, even more so.

Take a look.

For the full presentation, check out:

This post was published on April 16, 2021 1:30 pm

John Greenewald

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