The following is a list of documents that are currently uncategorized.  Until they are put into their proper categories, they will remain indexed here.

blankBrowning Machine Gun Caliber .50 Field Manual [244 Pages]

blankCan the U.S. Air Force Weaponize Space? [46 Pages]

blankDeep Attack Weapons Mix Study (DAWMS) [30 Pages]

blankEnvironmental Assessment of the BMDO Cooperative-Engagement-Capability/PATRIOT Interoperability Test [88 Pages]

blankHigh Energy Laser Weapons Systems Applications [232 Pages]

blankImproving Fuel Efficiency of Weapon Platforms [130 Pages]

blankInvestigations of Pulsed-Train Plasmoid Weapons [52 Pages]

blankLaser Technology (Selected Articles) [49 Pages]

blankSmall-Caliber Ammunition ID Guide Volume 1 – Small Arms Cartridges up to 15mm [445 Pages]

blankSmall-Caliber Ammunition ID Guide Volume 2

blankSpace Based Laser Support [509 Pages]

blankUnexploded Ordnance (UXO) Clearance, Active Range UXO Clearance, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Programs [47 Pages]

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