The following is an excerpt from the TIGTA Operations Manual explaining the Writing & Style guide, as used by the agency.

TIGTA’s Writing and Style Guide

110.1   Purpose

The TIGTA Writing and Style Guide (“the Guide”) provides in-depth guidance with respect to TIGTA’s specific writing conventions and preferences.  The Guide is used by all TIGTA functions as a resource when drafting any type of document for internal or external use.

110.2   Applicability.

The Guide is applicable to all TIGTA functions, nationwide.

110.3   Background.

The Guide was created over the course of one year through a collaborative process with representatives from all functions within TIGTA.  The Guide is primarily based on sources, such as the Associated Press Stylebook and the Government Printing Office Style Manual, and it sets forth the specific writing conventions preferred by the Office of the Inspector General.

110.4   Updates to the Guide.

The Guide will be updated by the Office of Communications on an annual basis.  This update will generally occur in the calendar month of January.

Document Archive

 US Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Writing and Style Guide, March 1, 2016 – version 1.5 [52 Pages, 1.2MB]

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