The following is a list of documents that have not yet been categorized into the other categories.  Until they are, they are listed here.

blankAir Crash in Up-State New York [6 Pages]

blankThe Booklet: Intelligence – The Acme of Skill [32 Pages]

blank Democratic Influence Through Internet Usage in the Peoples Republic of China [49 Pages, 4.75mb]

blankThe Defense of Duffer’s Drift [78 Pages] – Fictional account of a young British officer’s misadventures during the Boer War

blankDepartment of Energy Super Computer [311 Pages]

blankDevelopments in Military Infrared and Laser Technology [12 Pages]

blankDoD Supercomputing Needs [24 Pages]

blankHale-Bopp Comet [10 Pages]

blankHandbook of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army [142 Pages]

blankHigh Tech Composting System [132 Pages]

blankHistory of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and National Policy, 1950 – 1952. Volume IV [306 Pages]

blankHistory of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: The Joint Chiefs of Staff and National Policy 1957-1960. Volume VII [277 Pages]

blankINFORMATION SECURITY: IRS Electronic Filing Systems [30 Pages]

blankInvestigation into Enron Corporation Violating Criminal Statutes or Ethics Regulations [5 Pages]

blankJesus the Strategic Leader [51 Pages]

blankPan Am Flight 103 [435 Pages]

blankPrincess Diana, Princess of Wales Although the request was accidentally spelled wrong – the response says it all.

blankProcedure To Derive Submarine Sonar Operational PNB NRDS Against Continuous Wave and Gaussian Signals [52 Pages]

blankProject Altair [161 Pages]

blankProject Duck, Final Report [39 Pages]

blankProject Softbook [3 Pages]

blankPsychological and Neurobiological Consequences of the Gulf War Experience [26 Pages]

blankReport of the Defense Science Board Task Force ON Control of Military Excess and Surplus Materiel [67 Pages]

blankSoviet Cruise Missiles – An Overview

blankStudent Reactions to CIA On Campus Recruitment (1/1/1966)

blankSubmarine of the Future [55 Pages]

blankU.S. Intelligence Community Legal Reference Book [688 Pages] – The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is announcing the U.S. Intelligence Community Legal Reference Book, published in Fall 2007. The Intelligence Community (IC) draws much of its authority and guidance from the body of law in this collection. As the Director of National Intelligence seeks to better integrate the IC, this book proves to be a useful resource to intelligence professionals across the Community.

blankUnintentional Document Shredding [14 Pages]

blankUnnamed Document [73 Pages]

blankThe White House: Allegations of Damage During the 2001 Presidential Transition [220 Pages]

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