Excerpt from the survey results document:

Once again, the responses to the employee survey are positive.

Though this year’s results are overall favorable, our response rate decreased in 2016 to 38% (compared to a government-wide response rate of 46%). Thirty six survey items were identified as strengths (65% positive or higher) while only two survey items were identified as challenges (35% negative or higher). We are pleased to report that our Engagement Index score met the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) goal for 2016 (67%) and met or exceeded the governmentwide score in all areas (Overall, Leaders Lead, Supervisors, and Intrinsic Work Experience). Our Global Satisfaction Index score of 67% also exceeded the governmentwide score in all areas (Job Satisfaction, Organization Satisfaction, Pay Satisfaction and Recommend Agency).

Based on OPM’s guideline for determining notable results, we scored especially high (greater than 65% favorable-Strongly Agree/Agree) on the majority of the items for questions measuring personal work experiences. Over 91% of the respondents think the work they do is important (question 13) and 88% know how their work relates to the agency’s goals and priorities (question 12). Seventy-two percent of respondents feel their work gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment (question 4). Almost 80% of respondents like the kind of work they do (question 5, 77%) and feel they are held accountable for achieving results (question 16, 84%). Additionally, employees continued to feel supported by their supervisor to balance work and other life issues (question 42, 81 %).
On the other hand, the lowest scores were on items measuring performance culture and talent management-although these scores still represent only a minority of the employees that responded. For example, only 32% of the employees surveyed felt that pay raises depend on how well employees perform their jobs (question 33) and only 34% of the employees surveyed agree that steps are taken to deal with poor performers who do not improve (question 23). Only 38% percent of respondents feel creativity and innovation are rewarded (question 32).

This is an area we intend to concentrate on improving in the upcoming years.

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 U.S. Railroad Retirement Board Annual Employee Survey Results, 2016 [19 Pages, 2.5MB]

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