USCIS requests a Federal Bureau of lnvestigation (FBI) Name Check on individuals ages 14 to 79 who apply for certain immigration benefits that permit an extended or permanent stay in the United States. The FBI Name Check is performed for USCIS to determine whether records exist that might render the individual ineligible for the requested immigration benefit. The FBI Name Check is conducted on the individual’s legal name and, in some cases, the individual’s aliases. Applicable information found in the FBI’s Name Check search is forwarded to USCIS in the form of a Letterhead Memorandum (LHM). USCIS reviews the information in the LHM to determine whether the information impacts eligibility for the benefit sought. The LHM may include information
useful to develop interview questions or request additional information from the individual.

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, FBI Name Check Analyses and Recommendations, 2008 [46 Pages, 1.8MB]

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