Source: Mr. Luis Elizondo Slide Presentation, MUFON Conference, July 29, 2018. Slide Graphic. Excerpt from the slide states:

“2013-2014 — New funding vehicle under Joint ISR is created, intended to bolster AATIP efforts. Data and reporting continues to flow through AATIP channels”

Problem: This contradicts statements by the Department of Defense acknowledging the program was real, but it ended in 2012. This statement was given to the NY Times in the original article, but was also told to numerous media outlets that reported the same.  The program’s cancellation was also confirmed to John Greenewald, Jr. by the Pentagon’s Spokesperson Major Audricia Harris and a public affairs officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency.  It also should be noted, that despite the quote from the slide, Mr. Luis Elizondo has said on multiple occasions that the funding slated for AATIP, was ultimately forwarded to a different office, therefore one can only conclude that it would hinder AATIP 2013 on efforts. This, to me, seemingly contradicts a statement saying AATIP was “bolstered” (which is defined as “strengthening”) through a “new funding vehicle.” You can’t take money away from a project, but in the same slide, saying new funding “bolstered” the effort.  This definitely needs clarification. 

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