Source: Mr. George Knapp and Mr. Matt Adams, I-Team: Documents prove secret UFO study based in Nevada, published May 4, 2018. The exact quote:

“AAWSAP came to an end after 2011. Elizondo, who had interacted with the study from the Pentagon, was assigned to continue the work, but he chose a smaller focus, limited to military encounters with unknown aircraft. his effort, dubbed AATIP, survived by keeping a low profile.”

Problem: This contradicts previous statements by Mr. Luis Elizondo, presenting that AAWSAP was formerly changed to AATIP in 2008. In addition, Mr. Elizondo stated that AATIP’s focus, was fine tuned to focus on UAPs in 2008. What did he refocus in 2011?

Mr. Elizondo said in his MUFON Conference lecture on July 29, 2018:

“In 2008, the program was already beginning to evolve. The original AAWSAP portfolio was much broader than the AATIP. The decision was made early on, that we would go ahead and focus the effort more to the phenomena specific, looking at the observables and the identifiables. What could we look at; what could we collect on; what could we report on back to Senior DOD leadership. Because that’s what their concerned with.”

In addition, it should be clarified why would Mr. Elizondo would need to be assigned (again) to continue AATIP after AAWSAP ended in 2011 (even though that date contradicts his own timeline)?  According to Mr. Elizondo, the program had already changed in 2008 with a focus on UAPs (contradicting again this news report); AAWSAP was already renamed to AATIP in 2008 (contradicting again this news report); Mr. Elizondo was promoted to head the AATIP program in 2010, and he further claims it never stopped in 2012, despite the misappropriated funds and contradicting statements by the Pentagon and the DIA.   

In addition, this entire claim is disputed by official Pentagon statements given to The Intercept and published on June 1, 2019, along with more statements given to Bloomberg, and published October 21, 2019. These claims state that Mr. Elizondo had “no responsibilities” on the AATIP program.

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