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Source: Mr. Luis Elizondo, The MUFON Journal interview as interviewed by Chase Kloetzke, 2018. Specific excerpt from this interview:

“I wore many hats. For many years, I did state, local, tribal intelligence, law enforcement integration. I did information sharing, foreign intelligence relations, I did Guantanamo Bay and I happened to be, for the last 10 years, also part of the AATIP program.”  (Ten years from 2018 = 2008.)

Source: Mr. Luis Elizondo, 2018 International UFO Congress Interview, February 2018. Specific excerpt from this interview:

“At that point it became apparent to me why they were asking me the questions they were asking me, so in 2008 I was asked to come on board. I did and I worked for the former program manager at the time, and in 2010 upon his departure, I was asked to take over the program formally as the director.”

Problem: This is a point that needs clarification. It has been established that AAWSAP began in 2007 or 2008, depending on what source you believe. As you will see later in the timeline, AAWSAP/AATIP was at the DIA until 2010 and then it moved to OSD. Yet, Mr. Elizondo worked for OSD and never stated (that I could find, but am open to correction) that he ever worked for DIA. So, assuming he worked at OSD the entire time, DIA asked an OSD official for support. Specifically, Mr. Elizondo addressed that point briefly to Alejandro Rojas / UFO Congress (sourced above) by saying the following, “The former program manager at the time was looking for somebody to provide dedicated counter intelligence support to the effort, which I wasn’t aware of at the time.” Programs generally stay managed and staffed from people that work within that agency, rather than picking a head from DIA and someone else from OSD, especially since they just needed counter intelligence support for a DIA program. I will note, this is not entirely out of the question, but it needs to be addressed and clarified. In addition, the decision to move AATIP out of DIA was not made until 2009, one year after Mr. Elizondo was asked to support the program. Was the decision to move it to OSD based solely on Mr. Elizondo’s involvement?  If not, what are the odds they chose an outside-agency counter-intelligence support officer, that just by chance, would be from the next home for AATIP, before they even decided AATIP would be moved in the first place? 

In addition, this entire claim is disputed by official Pentagon statements given to The Intercept and published on June 1, 2019, along with more statements given to Bloomberg, and published October 21, 2019. These claims state that Mr. Elizondo had “no responsibilities” on the AATIP program.


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