June 24, 2009

Source: July 25, 2018 story by Mr. George Knapp – I-Team obtains some key documents related to Pentagon UFO study. The actual letter’s source, Mr. Knapp has not stated, but asked Mr. Luis Elizondo and Senator Harry Reid on camera if it was genuine, and they acknowledged it was.

Note: Some people have indicated this letter is proof of Mr. Elizondo’s involvement in, or leadership of, the AATIP program, since his name appeared on it and a new “leak” was revealed by Mr. George Knapp. However, evidence shows that argument may not be solid. Not only does it pre-date Mr. Elizondo’s claim (he claimed he took over AATIP in 2010, and the letter was written in 2009), the Pentagon issued statements to The Black Vault stating that although the letter was real, it did not change their stance that he had “no responsibilities” on the AATIP program. The Black Vault created this video excerpt from a larger presentation which outlines why it is likely Mr. Elizondo’s name would be on such a letter, and it would not indicate he worked on, or led, the program. Rather, it just indicates he would know about it.

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