August 18, 2008

Solicitation Number HHM40208R0211, Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program, is posted to the Federal Business Opportunities Website.

Source: FBO Solicitation HHM40208R0211, posted August 18, 2008

Problem: This contradicts statements by Mr. Luis Elizondo and Dr. Hal Puthoff, both former officials working within the AAWSAP/AATIP programs, and currently both principals in the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA). Together, they stated that AAWSAP was already underway in 2007, more than a year prior to this notice being posted seeking bids. Dr. Puthoff timestamped his statement as June of 2007 (see above) while Mr. Elizondo only said 2007 in some presentations, and 2007/2008 in his 2018 MUFON interview with Chase Kloetzke.

It is impossible for a program to be underway (especially Dr. Puthoff saying he was working on it in June 2007) before the bidding process took place.  If there was work or funding that went to Bigelow Aerospace (since BAASS, LLC did not exist in 2007), then there is much more to this part of the story. See multiple points on this timeline, wherein Senator Harry Reid tried to prove this was not a “sweetheart deal” and the bid process made it all legitimate. Again, that bid process did not take place until August of 2008.

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