June 2007

Source: Dr. Hal Puthoff speech to the SSE/IRVA Conference, Las Vegas, 8 June 2018. Full transcript available at Paradigm Research Group. The relevant portion:

“People have had trouble trying to get documents out of the Pentagon by saying they want all documents on AATIP, and they have a hard time because that wasn’t the actual name of the program. “Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program” is the actual name of the program. But AATIP was the nickname it went by. It began in June of 2007. The Defense Intelligence Agency was concerned about the fact that obvious observation had shown that Advanced Aerospace Vehicles – crafts, or drones of unknown origin, were flying all over the United States, over waters, in fact globally as was the case. So a Congressional budget was approved to address the issue behind the scenes. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada was the one who was the initiator of the program, joined by Senator Inouye and Senator Stevens. These are the people who generally approve programs that were in the black, under high security, behind the scenes, and so they set up this program.”

Problem: This contradicts the timeline that the AAWSAP contract/program solicited bids, as publicly archived, in August of 2008 (see below). It is not possible to award a contract a year prior to the bid solicitation being posted. He also references that AAWSAP was referred to as AATIP in 2007. This contradicts Mr. Elizondo that AAWSAP was renamed to AATIP a year later in 2008. See below for additional contradictions related to Dr. Puthoff’s statements.

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