EXACT Date Unknown

Source: Mr. Luis Elizondo Slide Presentation, MUFON Conference, July 29, 2018. Slide Graphic. Excerpt from the text:

“2007 — Program originally created as a bipartisan effort (Stvens (R) [sic], Inoyoway [sic](D-Hawaii), and Reid (D-Nevada) to better understand UAPs encountered by U.S. military and determine if they represent a national security threat.”

and also

“2007 — Congressional language establishes the ‘Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Application Program’, aka AAWSAP”

Problem: This contradicts Mr. Luis Elizondo’s other statements (see in this timeline) that AAWSAP was a much broader program, and AATIP was borne out of that to focus on UAPs.  Both statements can not be true. This also contradicts the publicly available information, on what AAWSAP was originally intended to be. There is not a single reference to anything related to UAPs or unidentified objects. See below for the three versions of the AAWSAP solicitations. 

This also contradicts the original reporting by the NY Times, which used Mr. Elizondo as at least one of their sources, wherein they said AATIP started in 2007. We know by this slide, and multiple statements by Mr. Elizondo, AATIP was not started until 2008.

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