The Department of Energy / Office of Scientific and Technical Information “Cold Fusion” Collection

In 2015, the OSTI received a collection of documents relating to “Cold Fusion” from one of the DOE program offices.

They didn’t know what to do with the material because it didn’t really mesh with their existing collections of documents.  The notes about the collection were removed after a short time from the OSTI online catalogue, but in May of 2016, I requested a copy of each letter to and from universities, companies, and organizations, from the OSTI ‘cold fusion’ documents collection.

They released the information to me, in full.

The below is an index of the .PDF files released. They are organized in the exact form they were received, and were obtained “read only.”  I kept them in this form, and offer them for download in the way they were received.

.PDF CD Contents

Note: Some of the .PDFs below have “Attachments” within the PDF. Make sure those are not overlooked while you are reading.

      Ashcroft Acceptance of Preliminary Findings.pdf           621K  
Ashcroft Request for Review Copy.pdf                      143K  
Beck Comments on Proposal.pdf                             707K  
Beck Request for Review Copy.pdf                          139K  
Beck Reviewer .pdf                                        1.1M  
Ben Bush.pdf                                              3.1M  
CFRA.pdf                                                  24M  
Carolyn Moore.pdf                                         1.0M  
Charles Tobias.pdf                                        146K  
Chase Peterson.pdf                                        2.1M  
Cold Fusion Panel.pdf                                     5.8M  
David Thompson.pdf                                        221K  
Dr Arata.pdf                                              1.8M  
E-Quest.pdf                                               772K  
ERAB.pdf                                                  1.3M  
Falicov Proposal Comments.pdf                             730K  
Falicov Request for Review Copy.pdf                       141K  
Falicov Reviewer .pdf                                     380K  
Fleischmann's Rebuttal.pdf                                1.4M  
Frederick Mayer.pdf                                       6.0M  
Fusion Info Center.pdf                                    565K  
Hal Fox.pdf                                               12M  
Harold Lewis.pdf                                          1.0M  
Hon Dick Swett.pdf                                        278K  
Huizenga.pdf                                              4.2M  
J Briand.pdf                                              331K  
JETRO.pdf                                                 4.4M  
Johann Rafelski Reviewer .pdf                             911K  
Johann Rafelski.pdf                                       1.8M  
John Bockris.pdf                                          1.2M  
Jones Comments on Proposal.pdf                            711K  
Jones Request for Review Copy.pdf                         145K  
Kladiva.pdf                                               1.1M  
LM Falicov.pdf                                            281K  
MIT.pdf                                                   589K  
Magnetic Power.pdf                                        794K  
Magnus Jandel.pdf                                         197K  
Martha Krebs.pdf                                          1.0M  
Mizu-Tech.pdf                                             5.9M  
Monkhorst.pdf                                             2.9M  
Neil Ashcroft Reviewer .pdf                               602K  
Neil Ashcroft.pdf                                         429K  
OIC - Ion Band.pdf                                        542K  
OIC - Los Alamos.pdf                                      563K  
OIC.pdf                                                   2.4M  
Pon's Procurement Request.pdf                             141K  
Pon's Rebuttal.pdf                                        1.6M  
Pons Receipt Proposal.pdf                                 132K  
Pons Reviewers Proposal.pdf                               1.1M  
Pons-Fleischmann Proposal.pdf                             943K  
Professor Pons.pdf                                        237K  
Provo Conference.pdf                                      5.9M  
R Gajewski.pdf                                            244K  
Rafelski - Comments on Proposal.pdf                       687K  
Rafelski Request for Review Copy.pdf                      143K  
Rafelski.pdf                                              361K  
Stanley Pons.pdf                                          369K  
Steven E Jones.pdf                                        3.6M  
Technidyne Associates.pdf                                 2.0M  
Technova Inc.pdf                                          183K  
Theodore Beck.pdf                                         1.3M  
Transfer of 28 PDFs to Headquarters Part Two.pdf          66K  
Transfer of 28 PDFs to Headquarters..pdf                  68K  
Transfer of Batch One Letters for Headquarters Review.pdf 69K  
Transfer of Batch Two Letters.pdf                         67K  
Transfer of Eight Memos to Headquarters.pdf               17M  
Transfer of One Memo to Headquarters.pdf                  64K  
Transfer of Two Memos to Headquarters.pdf                 27M  
Tritium Production.pdf                                    2.0M  
Understanding Tritium Production.pdf                      1.3M  
WJ Schafer.pdf                                            188K

Additional Releases

      Jones - Review Process Mater.pdf                          246K  
Pon's Statement of Intent.pdf                             1.6M  
Pon's Submission of New Proposal.pdf                      205K  
Revised Budget.pdf                                        1.1M  
Transfer of 5 Memos to Headquarters.pdf                   66K  
University Utah Project Proposal.pdf                      17M
      Crossroads Technology.pdf                                 2.3M  
GC Sponsler.pdf                                           17M  
Robert Simon.pdf                                          538K  
Status.pdf                                                6.3M  
Transfer of 6 PDF files to Headquarters.pdf               66K  
Victor Reis.pdf                                           1.4M  
Weston Stacey.pdf                                         4.0M

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