The Director of the CIA within the paper wrote the following:

The Intelligence Community has always needed bold thinking. Today, we need it as much as ever to bring about transformative change. Thus, I am very pleased to present to the Intelligence Community the results of the first Galileo Awards competition for innovative ideas for the future of US intelligence.

The call for papers last summer prompted entries from all across the Community. The authors who submitted their works ranged from junior officers to senior executives, and their proposals covered the gamut of the intelligence business. The submissions offered suggestions relevant to every agency and every discipline.

The overall quality of the papers and their proposals was high, a factor that made it very challenging for the judging committee to award the final prizes. Indeed, the enthusiasm and creativity, which the Galileo Awards process generated, shows that the Intelligence Community employs no insignificant number of men and women who want to improve our institutions and methods to meet the challenges our nation faces.

Now, our task is to engage the best of the ideas presented in this collection – to discuss them, add to them, and find a way to integrate their creative value into the vital work of our Community.

Porter J. Goss
Director of Central Intelligence

Document Archive

The DCI’s Galileo Awards – Winning and Honorable Mention Papers for 2004 [158 Pages, 64MB]







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