Technology and Intelligence Gathering contains various files from the FBI and various agencies on intelligence gathering methods and technology.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Files

Confidence Microphonesblank Confidence Microphones (FBI Release) – [ 126 Pages, 7.00MB ] 

blank Confidence Microphones (Air Force Release) – [ 2 Pages, 0.5MB ] 

Confidence Microphonesblank Digital Evidence Policy Guide – [ 60 Pages, 30.25MB ] – The FBI’s 1/3/2014 “Digital Evidence Policy Implementation Guide” was created to establish and consolidate FBI policy and procedures with regards to the proper handling, reviewing and processing of digital evidence collected in the course of FBI investigations. Redactions were made to protect personal privacy and law enforcement techniques.
Handwriting Analysisblank Handwriting Analysis – [ 27 Pages, 1.58MB ] – Handwriting Analysis or Graphology is the study of handwriting. As a theory or practice for inferring a person’s character, disposition, and attitudes from their handwriting, graphology is generally considered pseudoscience. The term is sometimes incorrectly used to refer to forensic document examination.


Department of the Navy Files

blank The “Black Swan” problem in national security affairs – Briefing to the CNO’s Strategic Studies Group (16 October 2009) – [ 58 Pages, 6.63MB ] – As the defense analytical community faces the 21st century, the new challenges of irregular warfare and counterrinsurgency- not to mention climate change and the shifting sands of global geopolitics- might demand new analytical methods, models, and tools.

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