The following document was first requested in April of 2015, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The following was all I knew about the document:

Title: ( U ) Situation Awareness and Decision Support System for Defensive Counterspace
PDF URL: (pdf) – 2 MB –
Accession Number: ADB339747
Personal Author(s): Bowman, Christopher ;  DeSieno, Duane
Report Date: 10 Apr 2008
Descriptive Note: Final rept. 10 Apr 2007-10 Apr 2008
Pages:77 Page(s)
Report Number: FA9453-07-M-0109FR   ( FA945307M0109FR )  ,  AFRL-RV-PS – TR-2008-1026 AFRL-RV-PS   ( AFRLRVPSTR20081026 AFRLRVPS )  ,  XC – TR-2008-1026 AFRL-RV-PS   ( XCTR20081026 AFRLRVPS )
Monitor Series: TR-2008-1026     ( TR20081026 )  ,  AFRL-RV-PS     ( AFRLRVPS )
Contract/Grant/Transfer Number: FA9453-07-M-0109     ( FA945307M0109 )

After waiting many months, I was denied, in full, access to the record.  I quickly filed an appeal. Whenever a document is fully denied, I do wonder if they truly reviewed the document, or if they simply denied access.

After a couple more months of waiting, I partially won my appeal – and they released a portion of the document. Although still primarily redacted, it does give some insight with the “Executive Summary” being partially released.

Download Situation Awareness and Decision Support System for Defensive Counterspace

 Situation Awareness and Decision Support System for Defensive Counterspace [79 Pages, 5.2MB]


The fundamental deficiency with operational automated situation assessment and response software systems is that in too many cases they deliver the answer to the problem they were designed to solve rather than the current mission context problem. What the AF needs is a context assessment (CA)
capability that interprets the situation assessment and response outputs using all the available current mission contextual knowledge.

This DF&NN SBIR Phase 1 effort is the first to provide a technical architecture for the development of Context Assessment (CA) software for Data Fusion & Resource Management (DF&RM) systems. CA software provides an interpretation (i.e., explanation and evaluation) of the DF&RM system outputs based upon the current mission context data base. As such CA improves the user situation awareness and the utility of his supporting DF&RM svstem.

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