These SF-135 are document transmittal slips, created when information is transferred from one agency to a federal records center.

Rebecca Collier from HistoryHub, explains:

“A SF-135 is a ‘Records Transmittal and Receipt’ used by a Federal Agency when the records are deposited in a Federal Records Center. In Item #6 of the form, agencies must include a detailed folder listing for each box or as an attachment if the records are scheduled for permanent retention. More information about the SF 135 is available at A listing of documents in a folder is considered item level description. Agencies are not required to provide information at the item level for textual records.

After a stated time period (usually 25-30 years), the permanent records are transferred to the legal custody of the National Archives. Copies of the SF 135 are transferred with the records. Until the records are processed, the SF 135 folder listing may be the only finding aid the Reference units have to use to assist a researcher.”

Below you will find records obtained from the National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), which are SF-135 forms. This is some great “FOIA Fodder” for researchers seeking documents that may not have ever seen the light of day before, all on numerous topics.

Document Archive

SF-135 Document Transfer Forms, National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), released March 2010 [118 Pages, 42MB]







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