The following document has long been released, at this point. However, in an odd FOIA case, specifically F-2014-00281, I requested from the CIA an Office of the Inspector General Report on CIA experimentation on the brain. This was done in the late 1990s, and not connected to MKULTRA.  I originally filed on November 13, 2013, and it took until April 10, 2019 to get a response. However, the response was a new copy of the Report of Inspection of MKULTRA, dated 26 July 1963, which was not what I asked for. I have since appealed this case, and awaiting a reply, but I realized they sent me a freshly reviewed copy, approved for release in April of 2019, and despite many other copies floating around; this version was cleaner and had proper FOIA citations for the redactions (previous versions did not).

That said, I felt it was worthy to highlight the document as I await the response to my appeal. Enjoy.

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Report of Inspection of MKULTRA, 26 July 1963 (Proper FOIA Citations) [49 Pages, 21.4MB]







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