I requested this document back on July 26, 2013. To my surprise, it took until March 21, 2019 to be released, in which I waited nearly 6 years.

The document is undated from what I can tell, but was finally declassified and released in my FOIA Case DF-2013-00163 with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

Here is a portion of the introduction to this document:

Until relatively recently, the American public knew little about nor understood the role of the U.S. intelligence in formulating U.S. policies both at home and aboard. The “Great Game,” especially during the Cold War, was a secret history that unfolded wholly or in part beyond the view of the general public. Spies and counterintelligence efforts, clandestine operatives. covert operations, proxy armies, massive technical collection efforts, detailed analysis of the intentions and capabilities of potential enemies, the very work of U.S. intelligence agencies. remained hidden from view. Even the basic structure, organization, and missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community were difficult to discern. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War there has been a torrent of new materials on intelligence issues and the Intelligence Community. There are not only new books and articles appearing almost daily. but a flood of newspaper articles, TV shows. movies and videos. There are dictionaries and encyclopedias devoted to intelligence as well as whole journals and college courses. The Department of State’s staid series Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) has published two volumes devoted to the organization of U.S. intelligence and a retro volume on the coup in Guatemala in 1954 (Operation PBSUCCESS) and the role of U.S. intelligence.  

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Protecting the Nation – U.S. Intelligence – From George Washington to George W. Bush (Date Unknown) [481 Pages, 116MB]





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