As part of an assessment of research needs in the space prime-power area, a special conference was convened at the Omni International Hotel in Norfolk, VA, 22-25 February 1982. The intent of the Conference was to review the state-of-the-art of space prime-power technology, including new or advanced concepts, and to discuss research needed for progress toward megawatt power levels. The Conference was attended by over 190 scientists and engineers from universities, government, and private organizations. Over eighty papers were presented, including discussions of chemical, nuclear and radiant energy techniques, power conversion, heat rejection, materials, chemical and fluid physics, and also reviews of  power requirements for future NASA and DoD systems.

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Proceedings of the AFOSR Special Conference on Prime-Power for High Energy Space Systems, Norfolk, Virginia, 22-25 February 1982. Volume I. [797 Pages, 24MB]









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