The following documents have been obtained from various Presidential Libraries throughout the country.  They are archived here for reference.


Gerald Ford Library

A special thanks to friend and colleague Nick Roesler for this collection, you will find all UFO documents from the Gerald Ford Presidential Library.

  1. blank Gerald Ford UFO Documents [168 Pages, 6.29mb]


Jimmy Carter Library – UFO Sighting and Letters

Early in my television career, I produced (associate producer) a one-hour documentary for The History Channel, entitled “UFOs and the White House.”

Below, you will find some of the documents that I came up with in the research phase that were from the Jimmy Carter Library.

  1. blank Jimmy Carter UFO Sighting report and misc. Letters [18 Pages, 380k]

Ronald Reagan Library

Also during my production on UFOs and the White House, I had the pleasure of visiting the Ronald Reagan Library to take a look at this Presidential Records.

While researching the speech he gave to the United Nations and referencing, “an alien threat,” I made an interesting discovery in his own handwriting making sure what he called his “fantasy” stayed in the speech.  A very interesting piece of UFO history!

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