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Ep. #7 – Special Guest: Chris O'Brien

In Episode #7 of The Black Vault Radio, I welcome investigator Christopher O’Brien into the Vault, to talk about all things Animal Mutilations. Christopher investigated more than 200 cases of what he calls “high strangeness” in the San Luis Valley.  He has compiled his research into a trilogy of books, which include The Mysterious Valley, Enter the Valley, and Secrets of the Mysterious Valley.  His newest book, is Stalking the Herd, and it is the focus of this episode of The Black Vault Radio, as we dive deep into the mystery, what it is and who may be doing it.

Also, I explore some important news headlines and open up in the TBV Dialogues segment about an experience I had in Northern, New Mexico and a document discovery which I was surprised to uncover!

Show Notes

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– YouTube, Facebook, and Apple’s ban on Alex Jones, explained
– USAF shrouded in mystery as retired ‘black project’ planes conduct mission near Area 51
– Area 51’s Spooky Airline Is Hiring Pilots For Top Secret Flights
AECOM Job Offer Page for First Officer, Co-Pilot, Las Vegas, Nevada
– NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin Says He Saw An ‘Organic, Alien-Like’ Thing In Space
Twitter Exchange Between Scott Waring and Astronaut Leland Melvin
– HORRIFIED farmers say aliens mutilated seven cows which were found with specific body parts missing including genitals and tongues.


Christopher O’Brien Homepage
Christopher O’Brien Biography
Christopher O’Brien’s Books
Stalking the Herd
New FBI Documents on Cattle Mutilations / Butte, Montana Cases


The Subterrene and the Alleged “Dulce Base”

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