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Ep. #49 – Special Guest: Lt. Col. Kevin Randle (ret.)

More than five decades ago, this man began his hunt for the truth about UFOs.

His name, is Kevin Randle. And beginning as a kid, he has pursued a life long interest in the UFO phenomena, and spent nearly three decades on the Roswell incident itself. As a result; he’s rightfully considered one of the top minds on the topic.

Kevin is a retired Army Lt. Col. He served in Vietnam where he accumulated more than 1100 of combat flight time. He deployed to Iraq in 2003 as an intelligence officer and would later also serve with the Air Force.

Today, Kevin joins me to discuss his decades worth of research; the fact he has authored more than 80 books, and he will outline just some of his investigations of hundreds of cases and multiple facets to whatever this UFO phenomena is.

Stay tuned… you’re about to journey INSIDE THE BLACK VAULT.


Additional Information:

Kevin D. Randle is a retired Army lieutenant colonel who served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot and Aircraft Commander, accumulating more than 1100 hours of combat flight time. In 2003 he deployed to Iraq as an intelligence officer. He served on active duty with the Army and later the Air Force. He was a member of the Iowa National Guard on his deployment into the Middle East. He retired from the National Guard in 2009.

He is a graduate of the University of Iowa, has advanced degrees from California Coast University and American Military University. He has taught classes at both the community college and the university level.

His interest in UFOs began as a teenager when he investigated a sighting while living in Colorado. His big question then was if the object had been sharply defined or had a been a ball of light. From that point on he has investigated hundreds of sightings around the country including nearly three decades researching the events in Roswell. He now hosts a weekly radio show, A Different Perspective on the X-Zone Broadcast Network. His blog can by found at

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