Ep. #29 – Special Guest: Lt. Tim McMillan

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In episode #29 of The Black Vault Radio — Retired police officer Lt. Tim McMillan steps into the Vault.  We speak about his amazing background on the force; an interaction during a routine stop that changed his life; a personal UFO sighting which piqued his interest into the unknown; and finally, his research in obtaining the official police records about the raid of United Nuclear – the Michigan based business of Bob Lazar. This incident was profiled in Jeremy Corbell’s recent documentary on Lazar, and Mt. McMillan weighs in, on what he found out.

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The Mueller Report, Released April 18, 2019 – Special Counsel Investigation into Donald Trump, Russia, and Collusion


Lt. Tim McMillan’s Blog Chasing The Coyote’s Tail
Exclusive – Documents From FBI Raid of Bob Lazar!
Police Documents Relating to Lazar Raid

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