This category provides documents relating to the colonization, mining, construction & colonization on planetary/extraterrestrial surfaces.

blank Bibliography of Extraterrestrial Research, June 1963 [113 Pages, 3.96MB] – The purpose of this bibliography is to provide a reference source on all extraterrestrial research pertinent to planetary exploration, scientific investigation, and base construction, and to include all known references in these and related areas.

blank Bibliography of Extraterrestrial Research, Second Edition, July 1964 [223 Pages, 10.1MB]

blank Proceedings of the FY90 Workshop on Extraterrestrial Mining and Construction, August 7 – 9, 1990 [176 Pages, 5.63MB] – This report documents the proceedings of a workshop on issues involved in extraterrestrial planet surface activities involving mining and construction. In this second workshop dedicated to the subject, participants formed three discussion groups: (1) Construction and Mining Concepts and Equipment Designs, (2) Design Standards and Codes, and (3) Operations and Performance. Mining and construction tasks were categorized into 11 primary functions. Several equipment types and designs were reviewed for specific surface tasks, and surface and underground mining techniques were reviewed. It was noted that there is a need to develop separate codes and specifications for extraterrestrial construction, although earth-based codes provide a good starting point, and existing Corps of Engineers’ Construction criteria and specifications may be a good model on which to base the new codes. Several key operational tasks, and concepts for accomplishing them were developed. One such important principle is to progress from simple to complex. Any lunar base should begin construction with modular, self contained units, and gradually progress to more complex construction using locally derived/developed materials. All groups emphasized that mission plans should be formed as concretely as possible, including crew size and mission timetable, to help establish realistic operations and performance criteria.

blank Use of Extraterrestrial Resources for Mars Basing, March 1963 [23 Pages, 1.36MB] – The establishment of exploratory bases on the Moon and Mars will lead to complex logistics, if all supplies have to be provided from the Earth. Use of regeneration techniques to recover water and oxygen, and hydroponic gardening to grow food can reduce the logistics requirements. A further drastic reduction of space transportation costs can be achieved by using lunar and planetary resources for the local production of water, which together with its decomposition products represents over 90% of all the logistic needs of humans and which can also satisfy rocket propulsion needs for spacecraft if used in its dissociated state and liquefied form as LH2 and LO2. The use of locally-produced fuels will drastically change the operating modes. Locally produced chemical compounds suitable as fuels for spacecraft and extraterrestrial surface and flight vehicles or as nutrients for the local production of food and for the photosynthetic regeneration of oxygen are discussed. The early prototype development of mining, processing and regeneration equipment for the above purposes is encouraged.

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